Here are 14 Sad Facts of Life you must learn to Live with

Here are 14 Sad Facts of Life you must learn to Live with

There are sad facts of life you must agree with if you want to be useful for yourself, earth and other humans.


Sadness can be normal, and is only an indicator of underlying disease when feelings become excessive, all-consuming and interfere with daily living.

Feeling down or unhappy in response to grief, discouragement or disappointment; if ongoing, may indicate depression.


So the reason for this article is to let you know that, on discovery of any of this in your life, instead of slowing you down, it should rather ginger you.


Below are the 14 Sad Facts of Life you must know;

  1. No one is happy with your success, except your family.

  2. Love is a myth. For no reason, no one is your friend.

  3. The only people who love you without expectations are your parents.

  4. Everyone has a role in your life and when their role ends, they will leave you. So be strong.

  5. Money has a strong place in everyone’s life, but unfortunately it can’t buy you everything.

  6. Laugh with everyone, but don’t trust anyone.

  7. People say they are telling the truth, but nobody really wants to hear it.

  8. Nobody gives a damn about what you think or what you do, it’s just your perspective they think of you.

  9. Expectations always hurt. So expect less or no expectations from others.

  10. Never ever sacrifice your happiness for someone else.

  11. Who is a friend of all is not a friend of anyone.

  12. Living a simple life gives you more time for the important things.

  13. The sooner you learn to live alone, the sooner you understand the meaning of life. You are your best friend.

  14. Never reveal your secret to anyone

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