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Holistic development of Anambra State: if not now, when? – Doctor Maduka

Holistic development of Anambra State: if not now, when? - Doctor Maduka

Doctor Godwin Maduka, a first-grade PDP aspirant in the forthcoming November 6 Anambra governorship election, has stated that this is the time for him to extend the world-class development which he singlehandedly brought to his hometown, Umuchukwu, to the whole of Anambra State.


The triple-professor, widely loved and lauded among the PDP family to clinch the party’s ticket, stated his intention to bring the kind of development never witnessed before in Anambra, intended to turn the state into a country, when he appeared on Nigeria Right Now, an AIT interview programme on Thursday.


Maduka said: “I’m not into this (governorship race) necessary for politics. I’m into this for the development of Anambra; the whole of Anambra.”

Holistic development of Anambra State: if not now, when? - Doctor Maduka
Holistic development of Anambra State: if not now, when? – Doctor Maduka

Emphasizing what his mission is, he noted: “For me to be the next governor of Anambra State, you should be able to develop every nook and cranny of Anambra. I can’t just develop Umuchukwu alone. You must be able to develop the whole of Anambra,” he stressed.



Questioned if he understands the enormity of the task involved in bringing his vision into reality, Maduka referred to the challenging responsibility of changing the fortunes of his once-backward community to a modern city, which he accomplished through one-man-efforts, noting that with the state, he will do greater.


“I have developed a city (Umuchukwu) to look like a state. With the help of God, I will develop Anambra to look like a country,” he said.


While urging the electorates to judge him by what he has done, and his over 30 years of experience in community and economic development, he reiterated his burning desires to revolutionize education, agriculture, health, ICT, and provide adequate empowerment for women and the teeming youths in the state. This he said will go a long way to calm the restiveness and agitations among the youths.


“We have to provide employment opportunities for the youths and some of the problems will be solved. I think our government and some of us coming into it should look into the demands of the youths. The nation should address the youths and give them hope,” he pointed out.


Asked to envision what Anambra under him will look like after four years, Maduka was convinced that Anambra will be like a country and a state that will boast of adequate educational facilities for economic growth, with 21 emergency centres of international standard medical facilities in the 21 local government areas to provide healthcare services that work.



Amongst his other top developmental priorities is the provision of world-class ICT education for the youths, which he said will make Anambra the first state in Nigeria to manufacture mobile phones and a major tech hub in Africa. Also, the much-needed dredging and development of the Onitsha Port for full-scale maritime commercial activities as well as robust air transport operations in the state will be accomplished under his watch.


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