Hospital refused to take blame for making patient HIV positive

Ann Wambui from Thika sits confused and unaware of whether she should celebrate or mourn her HIV status.

The lady, who was declared HIV negative after a couple of tests, had to battle with the idea that she used anti-retrovirals for two years despite being healthy and in perfect shape.

Speaking to NTV, Ann narrated how she visited Thika Level 5 hospital in 2017 where she underwent an HIV test.

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“I knew myself. I knew I was not sick. Every individual knows how they live so definitely I knew there was no way I was positive,” she said.

Ann said she visited Thika Level 5 hospital in 2017 where she underwent a HIV test. Despite being sure she was not infected, Ann was slapped with the shock of her life – she was HIV positive. Or so she was told. The news of her diagnosis left the woman depressed to a point she once tried to take her own life.

Ann Wambui
“I remember there is a time I took rat poison, mixed it with water and tried to take it,” the lady painfully said.

What even hurt most was after receiving news of her diagnosis, Anne’s marriage crumbled. Two years after swallowing pill after pill, the lady decided to get retested and alas, she was declared HIV negative.

To be sure that her mind was not playing tricks on her, Ann took the test not once, not twice but six times and each time the results came back negative.

At this point, she decided to confront the hospital that had given her a death sentence. “They claimed my viral load was low and undetectable. Basically they did not want to admit their mistake,” Ann said.

The lady claims an employee from the Thika hospital admitted some testing kits were faulty back when she was tested. Now, all Ann can worry about is whether the pills she has been taking have affected her health over the span of two years

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