How a woman, Stellah Mutahi, married her husband’s brother due to abuse

A woman, Stellah Mutahi, has narrated how she married her husband’s brother due to abuse.


Things started getting tough tough and became violent, then her  brother-in-law started checking up on her and her daughters, a relationship that led to marriage developed – a story many have considered a movie.

According to the mother of four, her ex-husband’s brother would pay them a visit to see how they were doing after she left her marriage.

Woman regrets getting married to two blood brothers, says it ruined their families
How a woman, Stellah Mutahi, married her husband’s brother due to abuse

From the many visits, the two developed feelings for each other and she moved with her children to live with the man.


“My ex-husband’s brother started visiting us to see how I and the girls were coping with life. From those visits, we started getting closer and we developed feelings for each other. I moved in to live with him like husband and wife for close to eight years,” said the woman.

Stellah Mutahi disclosed that her brother-in-law who turned out to be her second husband had another wife and two children.

How a woman, Stellah Mutahi, married her husband's brother due to abuse

“By the time we met, he had a wife and two children. Our affair contributed to her leaving. My children became very cold such that they always kept things for themselves. I later left the marriage because I was guilty of my actions,” she added.

Out of remorse, the woman begged for forgiveness from her sister-in-law and her children for ruining her family.

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