How Artistes can take advantage of Self – Isolation

How Artistes can take advantage of Self – Isolation

Dear artistes, in this COVID19 Pandemic, learn how to take advantage of the #lockdown to boost your career.


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While we sit back in isolation and wait to hear the announcement of a vaccine for COVID-19 (only God knows how long that will take), it important you (as artistes) take the time to re-evaluate & make sure you’re ready to go once things start up again. Here are some things you can do to take advantage of the isolation period.

5 things to do during the Downtime as artistes …
Re-evaluate and Plan: This is not just a time to sit at home and sleep away. It’s time to re-evaluate your strategies and achievements so far. How much have you achieved since this year? Have your strategies been effective? If not, why? What’s next in your career? How do you achieve more? These are the question you should take the time to provide answers to.

Improve on / Learn New Skill: Have you been meaning to improve your social media game? Or you’ve realized the need to know more about music marketing? Maybe it’s even songwriting. Now is a perfect time to sharpen your skills or learn new ones. There’s a gazillion of online courses (Free and Paid) to help you learn whatever you need to get ahead of the game.


Practice your Knowledge: While learning, there’s nothing that stops you from practicing what you’ve learned. The more you practice, you more mastery you gain. This would ultimately mean you get more creative in your songwriting, your recording and song delivery, and even your music marketing, etc.

Engage your fans: Because we’re all advocating “Social – Distancing” doesn’t you shouldn’t engage your fans, digitally. The good thing is, because most people are stuck at home, a lot of us are glued to our phones and computers more than ever. Now is a great time to connect better with your fans. You could engage them through Live Streams, Reposting fan content, host IG contest, DM some of your consistent followers, etc. Get creative with it!

Optimize your account across digital platforms: During this period, streaming numbers will skyrocket across digital platforms. One way to make it possible for your numbers to grow is through Optimation. That way, no matter where your fans are, they’ll have the most up-to-date image of you, your brand, and your most recent content.


Remember, the last thing you want to do during this social shutdown is to shut yourself down. Use this time to better yourself and future you will thank you for it.

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