How does Postpartum Depression feel like? My experience

Postpartum means the time after childbirth. Most women get the “baby blues,” or feel sad or empty, within a few days of giving birth. For many women, the baby blues go away in 3 to 5 days. If your baby blues don’t go away or you feel sad, hopeless, or empty for longer than 2 weeks, you may have postpartum depression


Being a mother indeed changed my life, I guess after giving birth, there are definitely a path of your life you might never be able to get back if you don’t work hard on yourself and very hard on your mental health.


I’m in my twenties, working on my career real good and making impact in my field of study. I have heard women mentioned Postpartum Depression and Al it of men can not really catch up with what it is. During pregnancy, various women behavior base on their relative environment and reaction of people around that environment. While some people throw tantrums some are quiet and very mischievous. While pregnancy hormones are more functional in some women than others, I’m not really certain postpartum hormone works like this. But I can be certain most Partum can be curb to a very great level with a very understanding and caring husband, and also most importantly, bring people the woman really loves around.

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I was in labour for about a week before my real labour started, I was in labour for twenty four hours. And through out the twenty- four, all I ever wanted was someone to be there and encourage, there were period when I almost gave up on me but thank goodness I got the encouragement from my baby, little man kept on kicking, probably saying… Mummy, push me out.

When I gave birth, I was so hungry and I needed to eat almost anything I see, but the fact that I need to keep me warm was a barrier. I was very weak but I had to keep on looking strong. My first issue came from looking at my stomach the next day after I gave birth, it look and felt so big.


One woman in the hospital jokingly said, is there still another baby in your belly, I guess this is where most of my insecurities started. The feeling of not being enough, not being capable and unloved or unappreciated started gushing in.

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Most people who knew me or was in the ward can definitely testified to how loved and valued I was and of high prize I was placed on but nothing anyone says or do could bring me out of that feeling.


I was in that feelings for months, until a person asked me if I was battling with postpartum depression. I had to go read it out, then I started working and started talking to close person. It rally took a while because he did not really know how to solve but he listen and listen. Then one day I decided to put all the emptiness I have had away; that was the beginning of my freedom.


I have seen men wonder what Postpartum depression is all about and also how they can help. I hope you learnt a little from this.

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P.S: Postpartum Depression is a depression that occurs after childbirth. Those who develop postpartum depression are at greater risk of developing major depression later on in life.


Symptoms might include insomnia, loss of appetite, intense irritability and difficulty bonding with the baby.


Untreated, the condition may last months or longer. Treatment can include counselling, antidepressants or hormone therapy.


According to Google, More than 1.5 million cases have been recorded in Nigeria yearly.


Please get help.

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