Effect of Vote Buying on Good Representatives in Nigeria

One of the biggest problems we have are those of you who think that whether or not they vote, the election will be rigged. Those who think our votes don’t count.


Yesterday, someone told me “Baba voting no go solve anything, our votes no Dey count, person wey go win go win”…. That’s a lie, a big lie from the pit of hell. Our votes Dey count, and person wey go win fit no we if we no vote.


Rigging is not as easy as we make it seem, it’s a game of numbers… permutations and combinations for those that know maths.



Ok lemme explain it in clearer ways.
Let’s say a particular polling unit has 800 registered voters, on Election Day, 800 ballot papers will be sent to that polling unit because it is expected that 800 people will show up to vote.


Now if on the day of the election, only 150 people came out to vote, and out of the 150, 127 people vote for Lp and and 20 people for PDP then 3 people vote for APC, it means there will be about 650 ballot papers unused.


When rigging starts, one person can sit one place and thumbprint the remaining 650 ballot papers in favour of APC and when the result is announced, APC will emerge the winner of that particular polling unit.
That is how Rigging is done.

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But imagine If this same polling unit with 800 registered voters have 750 people who came out to vote, and 650 vote LP, 71 people vote PDP and 29 People vote APC, when APC wants to rig the election, they will have only 50 ballot papers to work with and even if the thumbprint all 50 in favour of APC, the outcome of the election will not be affected.


That is how rigging works.


So, what they usually do in Nigeria is frustrate the voters from coming out to accreditat and eventually vote. You must try to defeat this as individuals or group.

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Truth is whether you decide to vote or not, a decision will be taken for you, and a vote will be cast in your name. And chances are that it will be in favour of someone who will enslave you and keep you in Perpetual suffering.
So why not get your PVC and come out to vote, at least you’ll be sure that the vote casted in your name was in favour of someone you would have Chosen.


Nigeria is on the brink of wreckage, and 2023 is our chance at getting it right. If we miss it in 2023, our next chance will be in 2031 and I’m not sure we can afford that.


So, I beg you in the name of whatever you hold sacred. GET YOUR PVC AND GET READY TO COME AND VOTE!!!

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Prince Neche

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