How Four Sidechics could not take care of Man after he got Stroke

How Four Sidechics could not take care of Man after he got Stroke

How Four Sidechics could not take care of Man after he got Stroke

She is in her late 30s, he is in his mid 40s. they have been married for 18yrs and have 2 sons who are schooling in Canada. She is Igbo, Nnewi precisely and he is Yoruba!


They are financially comfortable- no money problems hence he has extra to spare!. He is always hanging his heavily passworded phones on his chest and would rather lose an eye than have his phones open. She knew and always teased him about his secret finding him out someday.

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Suddenly , out of the blues he collapsed at his office one fateful day and was rushed to the hospital. Days later when he came to , the Drs diagnosed him of stress which led to partial stroke -one hand and one leg was gone!!. His business began to suffer because he could not attend to his phones and emails… days after when it became severe, he had to give her the PW based on medical advice so he can focus on treatment. As she took his calls and attended to his messages , she saw what she always knew! The sidechics! 4 of them !

How Four Sidechics could not take care of Man after he got Stroke
How Four Sidechics could not take care of Man after he got Stroke


Each time they called she wouldn’t pick but chatted them ,making excuses of Madam being around him. They kept to “his” chatting rules . They knew he was supposed to be in Canada to visit his sons and they each sent in their shopping list and “he” promised to buy all they requested,  two weeks after “he” buzzed them individually to announce his return and required them to come at separate times to his house. This was after his discharged from the hospital!. They were scared but “he” convinced them Madam had gone to Canada on his return. They bought the story and came one after the other on different days.


She said as each came shouting “baby baby” right from the gate into the sitting room downstairs, ( she had previously sent her domestic staff on compulsory leave with pay for 2 weeks) they shockingly walked right into her seated beside her husband!. The look on their faces were indescribable. They cannot believe she was behind the messages. She had already done her homework before their arrival.

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Once in, she will tell them ” our husband is ill, has been ill for weeks and I alone have been caring for him. Today is your turn. This is the baby we all have seen his nakedness , nothing to hide as you can see he is already a vegetable. You have to clean him up. We all enjoy the money, we will enjoy the suffering”. She said one of the ladies threatened to scream kidnap on her day but she reminded her not to worry about screaming but to think of the story to tell her sympathisers when they come bearing in mind she is an illegal occcupant of their home.


She will have to explain how she broke into the house , with the cameras watching and ready to click and upload !. They cleaned him up, cooked and served him breakfast, lunch, dinner . She made sure they each visited early and left after making supervised dinner. As each came and realized the set up , they begged her not to record them and put on the internet.



One of the sidechics covered her nose with double nosemasks and kept throwing up and muttering nonsense all through till she left. One pretended to be be familiar within a house she often visited to form Madam in her absence but she brought her to speed.

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In all these , her husband was speechless, he was just lying on his back like a vegetable, the tears rolling endlessly each day!. Then, as he husband got better , she started playing the CCTV camera footage of their acts around the whole house for him and watched him break down crying and begging for her forgiveness.

How Four Sidechics could not take care of Man after he got Stroke
How Four Sidechics could not take care of Man after he got Stroke

The man is much better now with medical attention as out patient and intense physiotherapy at home, his hand is almost back to normal but he moves very slowly with the aid of the walking stick around the house. He was so sad to see the 4 sidechics loathe him at his worst state and has continually begged to be given another chance to be a better husband.


Their marriage is sweeter now, she controls the major aspects of the business because he is on compulsory bed rest for the rest of this year and needs to fully recover. He bought her a brand new car too to atone for his crimes and show appreciation for the care she gives him.

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What a true life story told by this woman!!


She did what was best for her and I commend her courage through it all. There are many ways to kill a rat, she struck without missing, what do you think?



The lady called into a LIVE radio program yesterday afternoon to share this experience of how she handled her cheating spouse and his numerous sidechics.


Brothers , huna don see am na. They even blocked him after their visits . You can see what lies ahead . I hope someone learns from this . You don’t need your own experience!


Those women fighting on the road and at parties might want to pick a thing or two from this experience! This is classic!!

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