How Governor Charles Soludo Received $28 million Dollars Cash to Pull Down His Brother, Peter Obi

How Governor Charles Soludo Received $28 million Dollars Cash to Pull Down His Brother, Peter Obi


In the treatise of Mehmet Murat ildan, he said “Yes, there are plenty of politicians who are liars, there is no doubt about this! But some of them are not only liars but also serial killers and character assassins because they deliberately send people to the war for their personal gains.” Mehmet Murat ildan went further to state that “A silver-tongued charlatan and a half-wit society are made for each other! When these two come together in an election, a great disaster happens: Charlatan comes to power.”


The opinion polls that sees Peter Obi as the preferred candidate that is likely to win the 2023 General election became source concern to the Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s camp who quickly swung into action to deflate and damage Peter Obi’s reputation from his home base.


Subsequently, Gov. Hope Uzodima was saddled with the responsibility to carry out the task and he promised to deliver in few days but informed the BAT’S Handlers that Gov. Charles Soludo is in a better position to be used to carry out the blackmail but by virtue of the fact that he was a Governor of CBN, he is rich by all standard and will hardly agreed. Then, Seyi, the son of Bola Ahmed Tinubu assured Gov. Hope Uzodima that money is not an issue and he should get Gov. Soludo to name his price in any currency for the job but what is needed most is urgent results to send the Obi-dient movement out of the social media space and silent them forever.


Gov. Hope Uzodima reaches out to Gov. Charles Soludo who blatantly refused initially and sworn never to betray his own brother. “You are my friend and will do anything for you and your family but to be paid to betray my own brother whom I have praised in several fora in the past for the good work he did as governor will be catastrophic. Over my dead body”, Gov. Soludo said.


Governor Uzodima said to Gov. Soludo “I know quite well that you are rich by all standard but remember that money is not always enough. You must understand that this is our golden opportunity to get our own share from the huge tax that the Igbo traders are compelled to pay to Bola Tinubu in Lagos since 1999. Do you know that our traders in Lagos contribute 85% of the IGR in Lagos State that made Bola Tinubu to be so wealthy? My brother, his son, Seyi is only waiting for you to name your price in any currency”.

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“How will they pay the money”, Gov. Soludo queries. “However you want it. If you don’t mind, it can be transfer in a manner that will make it seem like proceeds from business with your private business, yet it can also be cash”, said Gov. Hope Uzodima.


“OK, if they can pay $28 million dollars and must be in cash, then consider it done. It’s a risk at my own detriment and anything short of that amount is not worth it”. Gov. Soludo stated.


“I will get back to you soon” said Gov. Uzodima. Few days later, he reaches out to Gov. Soludo again and asked what will be his own share from the amount if Seyi approves it. Gov. Soludo told him that it’s not negotiable because it’s his name and personality that’s at stake here. “You can tell them any amount you desire to be able to get something on top but mine is sealed or no deal”.

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Gov. Hope Uzodima told him that Seyi Tinubu agreed to pay in three trenches but N7 billion will be paid first while you carry out your first attack on Peter Obi and then before the second media attack, another N7 billion will be paid in that sequence.


Gov. Soludo refused and told him that if at all he will engage in such, N10 billon naira equivalent in dollars must be paid as advance while the balance N10 billion Naira equivalent in dollar will be paid when he fires the second missile to bring PeterObi into disrepute.


Gov. Hope Uzodima agreed and the first trench was released to Gov. Uzodima by Seyi Tinubu in cash for onward transfer to Gov. Soludo.


Then, the shocking betrayal of trust and confidence on the part of a brother held in high esteem was triggered, then leaving the Anamberian in rude shock while the Tinubu’s camp were in jubilation.



Written by T. K Ekudayo

Investigative Journalist on account of Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s insider.

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