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How I knew my Husband was having an Affair – Divorced Woman

How I knew my Husband was having an Affair - Divorced Woman
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A divorced woman discusses the red flags she used to establish her husband was having an affair, as well as what you should be aware of.


AFTER a divorce that she attributes on her husband’s infidelity, one lady is on a mission to warn others about what to look out for.


Two red flags to watch for include her noticing a rapid change in his emotions and accusing you of cheating.

How I knew my Husband was having an Affair - Divorced Woman
How I knew my Husband was having an Affair – Divorced Woman

She has posted a series of videos on her TikTok account to alert those who suspect cheating in their relationships.


“At first, my husband was highly unstable with his emotions, and he was accusing me of cheating even though I was at home caring our son,” she writes in the first post, which has been viewed over 331k times.

She also expressed concern about his drinking, saying that when he became inebriated during a mutual friend’s wedding, mutual pals told her he was ‘going through something.’


In part two of the warning signs series, she claims he frequently brought up a female coworker and took her on excursions away where the two of them would spend the night alone.


Over 40k people tuned in to see her claim that they had a large fight when he was arrested “”Wanting to go just him and her” was a huge red flag, according to him.


In Part 3, she mentioned a circumstance in which he was all over a female coworker at a work party.


“Little did I know, he was all over his mistress,” she stated in the video, which has been viewed 37k times.


“He wasn’t seated with us; he sat at the end of the table and didn’t save a seat for me, despite the fact that this was the first time I met the individuals in his department,” she continued.


She claimed that everyone was wondering why he wasn’t sitting next to his wife, and that she “forced” him to sit next to her before a tipsy woman he works with got on his lap.

“They were flirting back and forth in a way that reminded me a lot of how my husband and I used to flirt when we first started dating,” she added.


In part 4, she stated that, in hindsight, her husband would not return home after a disagreement, but that she believed he was staying with friends at the time.


In the sixth post, she says she confronted him about the affair and instructed him to block the woman’s phone number, but he insisted on keeping it ‘for work considerations.’


“I’d retire to bed and pretend to be sleeping for 15 minutes, then walk downstairs and find him conversing with her or reading texts over his shoulder, but he always denied it.

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