HOW ISLAM CAME TO AFRICA: The Muslim Arab slave trade have already started in Africa over 700 years ago before the European Transatlantic Slave Trade.


This slave trade started when the Arabs first invaded North Africa in the 7th century A.D. The Arab first entry point into Africa was through Egypt. An Arab Military General named General Amir Aben Alas, invaded Egypt in December 639 A.D with only 4000 soldiers.


Amir successfully conquered Egypt and went ahead and conquered other places such as Tunisia and Western Libya. After those areas were fully conquered by the Arabs, they imposed tributes of 360 slaves in all regions they occupied and controlled. This act continued to develop and expanded to a much larger demand.


To keep up with this demand, Africans were taken as slaves to further South and places like Mali, Senegal, Chad and even Northern Nigeria. African slaves were used as sexual slaves and domestic house help to Arab traders.

Sometimes, whenever any African slave is sick, it’s owner will quickly put a bullet in their head. It has been estimated that from the 10th to the 19th century, 6 and 7 thousand slaves were transported each year and each time African slaves under Arab slave traders cross the desert, hundreds of black Africans died even before they get water to drink.


The Arab slave trade was absolutely very devastating to African People. Through this Islamic slave trade in Africa, Africans in North Africa were islamized by their Arab slave masters. And today many Africans parade themselves as Muslims without knowing how the owners of such religion brutally enslaved their black African Ancestors for over 700 years.

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As of the Transatlantic Slave Trade which transported Christianity into Africa, historically, it is said that Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal, came up with the idea of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. He made Portugal the first European country to engage in the slave trade from the mid 15th century precisely in the 1450s.


Africans were taken against their will and forced on to slave ships.The African slaves were then transported across the Atlantic ocean . Slavery was supported and made legal by the European Government and Monarchy. Captain John Hawkins was the first English man who made the first slave trade voyage to Africa from 1555 to 1562 during the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First. He was given a ship named Jesus Of Lubeck by the Queen.

He was called the first Transatlantic Slave Trader because he was the man who formed a triangular root across the ocean. In other to understand what the triangular or Transatlantic Slave Trade means, one needs to understand that it was three continent that were involved which were Europe, Africa and America. For instance, the European slave traders, will leave the European port and journey to the West African coast. There, they will capture and forcefully pack lots of Africans into their ship and journey to America.

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When they get to America, those Africans who survived the journey will be sold out to build the American plantations and industries and the ship will go back to Europe with goods such as sugar, coffee, tobacco, rice, cotton which were all produced by African slaves in America. This is what is described as the Triangular or Transatlantic Slave Trade. .

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