How Lagosians decide who governs Lagos

There was no Lagos State in 1960. What we had was Lagos Federal Capital (former Lagos Colony).

That is the problem when leaders deliberately muddle things up for the young ones.


Lagos Capital of 1960 was Isale Eko, Victorial Island, Ikoyi, and part of Apapa.

Ebute-Metta, Yaba, Ojota, Somolu, Bariga, Isolo, Ikeja, Alimosho, Ipaja, Ikorodu, Epe, Lekki, Ajah, Badagary, Mushin, Agege were all in Western State.


Lagos State was only created in 1967. And let me tell you the callous intention of what the Gowon regime did in creating Lagos State.


Obafemi Awolowo created industrial estates in Ikeja, Isolo, Iganmu, Ilupeju, and co when those places were in the Western region.

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Gowon simply merged the industrial estates Awolowo created with Lagos Colony to form Lagos State in 1967.


Awolowo created those industrial estates with cocoa money.


Lagos State is made up of 5 districts of Ikeja, Badagry, Ikorodu, Lagos (Isale Eko), and Epe. Only one was Lagos Colony from 1914 to 1960. And that is Lagos Island. The remaining 4 districts were in the Western region. But collectively, they are all now referred to as Lagosians.

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What took 90% of families from neighbouring Yoruba towns and cities to the present Lagos State was the industrial estates Awolowo created, not the federal capital.


The Carther Bridge was the only bridge linking Lagos Colony to the Western Region. It was after Ojukwu attempted to blow it up during the civil war that Awolowo facilitated the building of Eko Bridge in 1975. Awolowo, as the Finance Minister and de-facto number 2 to Gowon, revolutionized infrastructural development of the new Lagos State.


Look around Lagos State today. All you see are the works of Awolowo, Johnson, Jakande, Tinubu, Fashola, Ambode, Sanwolu, etc. They are not from Lagos Island. They are all from the majority 4 districts populated by the Yoruba tribes from Kwara State to Ogun State. This normally accords with demographic principles.


Lagos Island constitutes a minority when compared with the huge population in the remaining 4 districts in Lagos State. It follows that no one from Lagos Island will ever become a governor of Lagos State UNLESS the Lagos Islanders reach some agreement or consensus with the other 4 Yoruba districts. The 4 districts hold the political sagacity to decide who becomes Lagos State governor. Any party that fails to factor this into their plan will end up with mere political entertainment.

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This is the plain reality and not about any partisanship or political sentiment.

You can now predict the outcome of the Saturday election.



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