HOW OBASEKI’S POLITICAL STRUCTURE IS FAILING — Lately, I have resolved to not write concerning the ramshackled Obaseki led administration based on personal conviction that, his time was over in Edo state government house. But, my decision to pen down something today is first of all, to remind reading followers of my prognosis on gradual degradation of this government. Secondly, to dymistify the political philosophy upon which such political structures erected by the governor is failing having duly studied the behavioural pattern of its elements.

As a prolific Builder, with vast experience in the development of building structures vis-a-vis my general knowledge of structural engineering; which forms the basis for a successful career, and having taking up the profession of politics as a hobby, I have had the privilege of relating my professional practice; in terms of how building elements behave under load, as compared to how humans behave under pressure within a political system.


It may surprise you to know that human behaviour under pressure within a political system or structure is not too different from how the main structural elements of a building behave under severe load. Just as building structural elements comprises of foundations, columns, beams and slabs, so also are political structures, with humans and the relationship or bond that exist between them serves support to the structure. For a building to be structural stable, it must fulfill certain requirements ranging from the strength, stiffness, flexibility etc of its individual elements. Off course, by way of stratification, the foundation is the most significant part of the structure which ironically is the unseen part and hence determines the extent to which such developments would survive.


Having led the way into a preliminary of how building structural elements functions, I would like to narrow and transpose this analogy to the functionality of a political system or structure.

Recall that governor Godwin Obaseki rose to power by riding on the back of the former governor of Edo state, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, under a well organized party structure systematically emplaced by the leader over a period of time; within which he earned the confidence and trust of its critical stakeholders, after demonstrating courage, justice, mercy and goodwill while discharging the functions of his office. Oshiomhole’s political structure was erected on a firm foundation owing to his magnanimity and knowledge of how political system works.


After ascension to office, governor Godwin Obaseki, for selfish reasons, decided to dismantle that wonderful edifice erected by Comrade Oshiomhole to pave the way for another under his control. Not being grounded in the art of politick, he neither succeeded in pulling down the former edifice nor was able to build another, but was only able to attempt another rickety structure without foundation, beside the existing powerful structure.


As explained earlier, any structure without a foundation will never stand the test of time and failure thereby imminent. Since the constituent materials making up each of the elements are also of inferior quality, though, there might be a foundation but a weak one at that, and as such, cannot serve the intended purpose. Obaseki hastily brought together the dregs of party faithfuls who are still considered neophytes, without the political muscle to engage the tough hardened political wizards which constituted the original edifice. The storm has come and the structural elements have begun to give in as evident in the resignation of erstwhile allies of the governor.


What a calamity and embarrassment to an incumbent, when the Chief of staff to a governor decides to throw in the towel after considering the future with his Boss a gloomy one. The exit of the former Chief of staff to the governor, Mr Taiwo Akerele, has dealt another diverstating blow on the governor’s camp whose followers are already disheveled over loss of battle to oust the National Chairman of the party, and more recently, death of an ally of great repute to the governor.

From my knowledge of how structural members interact, when a critical load bearing member fails, adjacent supports are further stressed with a spillover effect on virtually all other members in the structural system, and most likely to yield at its limit state. The more members yield, the more rapid the rate of collapse. Obaseki’s political structure is at the verge of total collapse in view of impending migration of hitherto loyalist. However, the governor seems unperturbed over retention of power after claims of spending one billion naira on containing the spread of Covid-19 further unpopularized and disendeared him to the electorate. His alleged untanglement from the tight grip of his deputy, Philip Shuaibu, who has led his campaign and onslaught against perceived enemies; not minding the consequences of doing so, has also led to suspicion that the number one citizen of the state is ready to opt for a safe landing by exiting through the back door.


Be that as it may, his chances of securing a second term ticket under the APC is clearly a mirage and even that of other political parties have also become gratuitous due to demarketing occasioned by lapses in his government. Obviously, with more exodus from his camp to the authentic APC, the state chapter of the party under Dr David Imuse is set to ursher in new set of leadership whose ideosyncrasies are in tandem with those of the founding fathers of the party.



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