How Ogolonto BRT Stand is sequential to Nigeria Corruption

Ogolonto BRT Stand, Ikorodu, Lagos – – Living in Lagos is stressful, everyone is aware of that and everyone choose to live there anyways. But living in Ikorodu is worse not stressful, it might be a bit easier for those staying at Agric, and Ikorodu bus stop because certain things work the way it should work but you see Ogolonto; sometimes I feel that bus-stop is cursed and the bus-stop isn’t just lucky enough to have good worker working on it. I’m certain that bus-stop cries daily on the abuse it receives from the BRT ticketer, security etc.


I am in my twenties, I have seen corruption but as a freelancer, I’m not sure I have seen much corruption as I have seen at Ogolonto BRT Stand. I’m talking about seeing a security collecting N50 to create another non-existing queue for people who came 9:00am to get into the bus before people who have been by 7:00am.


The very interesting part is that they keep changing these workers but their attitude towards corruption never change, its like a circle – the next set continues from where the other stopped.


For example; I often stop at Justrite then walk up to the BRT stand, sometimes I get there by some minutes to seven or some minutes past seven and I leave the stand by ten, I have never left that stand earlier than that… I’m sure someone will wonder why? Well I do have explanation ( since I’m one of the few citizen who won’t give the security N50 to cheat others, then I really have to wait.


Sometimes I have to take TBS which is N500, so I can get to work faster.


The most annoying and painful part is when I see other people stand on the queue and some young people give these security money to move. Buses come and go but the queue never moves.

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I have been experiencing this for about ten months and I can boldly state that it is a perpetual thing they do on regular basis, I do not even want to talk about the part where one security woman who is always on glasses insults people daily (she seat on the rail and insult the passengers daily. That Won’t be my business because she has never insulted me.


Towards the relax of Covid-19, the price of these BRT was increased by 100% ( from 150 to 300) the company incharge refused to follow social distancing law, or even increase buses… They collect 100% fare, make sure all the sits are fill but do not bother providing more buses, and ow! Maintenance is not even on their daily plan. One can still go through all the above from 7am, enter bus by 10am only for the bus to stop moving after 2mins drive.


The problem is the Primero, as an organisation that only care about collecting; an organisation full of corruption and lack of empathy for it customers just like the Nigeria government… You pay your tax to feed their belly yet they never care about you feel, you either die or survive the hard way.

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It high time we started fighting organisation like this, not just the government.



Temi Badmus

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