How Peter Obi met Dr Peter Odili at CKC Onitsha

#Fact-check: Did Peter Obi meet Dr Peter Odili at CKC Onitsha as a schoolmate?



Answer: Dr PETER ODILI was senior prefect CKC in 1967 but he and his mates could not write their O’levels in 1967 because of the outbreak of the Civil war.


Dr Peter ODILI Wrote his O’levels in 1971 in CKC and spent another 2 years for his A’levels (HSC ). Peter ODILI was a legendary footballer in CKC . PETER OBI met Peter ODILI as a class 1 junior student while ODILI was in his upper 6th form .

ODILI was in CKC 1962-67 then 71-73 .


Obi while in Port Harcourt on Thursday, said:

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“Dr. Peter Odili was my Senior Boy in Secondary School. We couldn’t have played football in CKC without Odili. Any day he is not in the match we’ve lost, so we know. I have people in Rivers state that went to school with me, and some people nobody has seen people who went to school with them. So we must say this.”


PETER OBI was right . Peter ODILI was his senior, he is right about CKC the school . Peter ODILI was CKC ‘s talisman on the football pitch. Both of them did not just go to the same Secondary school, but Obi also met Odili as a student.


Can supporters of PDP and APC who have been trying to change the topic tell now join the rest of the Nigerians who are calling for Obi to be elected in 2023 and forget their old type of politics?

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Ok, who are their candidates’ secondary schoolmates?

Obi for President is a National Movement that propaganda can’t stop!

We must protect this National project!


– Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia

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