Our analysis today is based on Islam and the truth is, lslam is not a peaceful religion as many Muslims claims. History must be told the way it is. Bloodshed and terrorism started officially in Islam the very first day Mohammad carried his Almajiris or foot Soldiers from Medina down to Mecca and slaughtered his own people. Mohammad’s Islamic religion was rejected in Mecca (his hometown). This is because before he was born in 570 A.D, his people were satisfied with the Arabic pagan religion that was in existence for hundreds of years which is the worship of their idols in a shrine and telling them to abandon this way of worship was blasphemy to them.


After he was chased out of Mecca, he flee to Medina. There in Medina, he converted lots of people to his new religion (Islam) and in other to take over Mecca, he led his followers and attack Mecca and establish Islam as the headquarter in 629 A.D. This was the first jihad (Holy War) in Islam personally led by Mohammad. Many Islamic converts of today will argue that his second arrival to mecca was very peaceful and had no resistance but deep history reveals that Muhammad invaded Mecca with an army of 1,500 and executed his first jihad in a violent and bloody manner which led to the death of many of his people just because they refuse to see Allah as the one true God as claimed by Muhammad. But before his attack, there was nothing like Islam. In mecca, there is a place called the Kaabah or shrine. Inside there, they had 360 idols that Arabic and Pre – Islamic people worshipped and Allah was the least of the 360 idols. But around 610 A.D after Muhammad claimed that the holy spirit spoke to him that Allah was the only true God among the other idols in the Shrine, he started going around convincing people to follow his religion and worship of only Allah but when he reached his hometown, he was rejected and chased out like a common criminal in 622 A.D.



During Mohammad’s life time, he carried out many holy wars just to spread his religion. Each of these holy war (Jihad), is accompanied by violence and bloodshed. According to historical analysis, his troops fought 66 battles out of which, he personally led 27. In 625 A.D, in a battle called battle of Uhud, Mohammad broke one of his teeth in the battle field. Mohammed was born into a poverty family. He was taking care of the sheeps of a Wealthy woman named Khadija. She later loved him and they both got married. Although she was 15 years older than him. Their marriage produce two boys and two girls. Khadija was Mohammad’s first wife. As to how Islam started, around 610 A.D, Mohammad went to a cave for meditation. Inside the cave, he claimed that he heard a voice from Angel Gabriel who instructed him to carryout the words of Allah. From that moment, Mohammed started going places to preach about Islam and the Arabic God called Allah. The violence of Islam was also encouraged in many places by the self acclaimed holy Qur’an. For instance, in some Surah, Muslims are encouraged by Allah to kill anyone who does not accept the teachings of Islam. In the Qur’an, Allah explains that every Muslim must carry out a jihad in one way or the other and every jihad attracts more rewards in the Islamic heaven.


According to the Qur’an, Allah says, jihad is Infact not only a religious duty for Muslims but a profitable commerce in heaven. In the Qur’an, Mohammed and his God encouraged all Muslims to hate and never befriend any Christian, Jew or pagan. It is also written that, Muslims who becomes friends to Christians or become a Christian, leaves the leadership and control of Allah thus, he or she is vulnerable to be killed. From the above, you can see why Boko Haram are consistent in their fight of jihad. You can see why even some Islamic politicians finance and support Boko Haram.


You can see why Boko Haram terrorists group cannot be defeated because some Muslims believes that they are making Allah happy by financing Boko Haram jihad. In some occasions, the leaders of Boko Haram have openly declared that it’s in the Qur’an why they should kill Christians or any Muslim who relates or live with Christians. It is imperative to note that, Muslims who becomes friends, relate with Christians or non Muslims or even change to Christianity, are no longer under the leadership or control of Allah as was indicated in the Islamic Qur’an. This is why Boko Haram can kill their fellow Muslims and burn mosques. Historians have gone deeper to reveal more things and violence in Islam.

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The English word assassin is purely of Arabic origin. It was originally called Hashshashin which in Latin is called Assassinus meaning smokers of hashish (Hemp). This was taken or smoked by Muslims in other to receive enough energy to fight for Allah by killing non Muslims and pagans. This is why when Boko Haram terrorists kill and slaughter pregnant women, they do it as if they don’t have conscience. The spread of Islam was made faster not through peaceful evangelism but through killing and massacring of innocent people and conquering of their villages, countries and communities through jihad as Mohammad started it. The self acclaimed Prophet Mohammad had personal murderers who kill anyone that insults him or Allah. For instance, Asma Yazid who had composed a poem to ridicule People who follow a murderer like Mohammad, was assassinated by one of Mohammad’s boys named Umayr Ibn Awf as instructed by Mohammad. Another poet named Abbas was killed under the instructions of Mohammad. Islam is a terrorist cult from the imagination of a mere man who claim to be a Prophet.


Mohammad was never spoken to by any Angel. Islam is his ideas. He used Islam (his idea) to brainwash innocent people to follow him with the false rewards they will get in heaven. The heaven of Mohammad is filled with sexual immorality. The Qur’an talks of virgins which no person or Angel has deflowered that will be inherited by those Muslims on Earth who serve Allah very well especially those who kill for Allah. As was said earlier, the root of violence in islam started with Mohammad. In 1804, an Islamic jihad was carried out in the Northern part of Nigeria by a Fulani Islamic preacher name Usman Dan Fordio and he established the sokoto caliphate. During this jihad, Hausas who were termed as pagans were killed and their wives taken from them. Islam has spread so fast with the help of jihad and violence. In Africa, Islam entered through North Africa starting from Egypt which is in North Africa. 4000 Arab Muslims invaded Africa on December 639 A.D where many black African people were slaughtered and lots of them were enslaved and converted to Islam. This action was the beginning of Islam in Africa. After taking over Egypt and it’s Civilization, they claim in their Qur’an that the Dijja (the deceiver and apostle of Satan) will be born in Egypt.


Those who claim that their religion is peaceful, will not tell you the History of their Religion because they know that their religion has bad history. For instance, in 1980, there was an uproar in Kano where 4,177 persons were slaughtered by Muslims. Two years later, on October 30th 1982, eight big churches were burnt in Kano. That same year, the Muslims entered kaduna and 400 Christians were killed. In 1984, Muslims in Yola and Jimeta, killed 700 persons including policemen and rendered 5,913 persons homeless. On may 3rd, 1986, Muslim Students in the University of Sokoto went ahead and attack other students (Christians) with dangerous weapons. In 1987, an Elder in an ECWA church in kaduna was burnt to death by Muslims. The church was later rebuilt at the cost of 10,000 USD. In May 1992, Muslims burnt the same church with lots of Christians inside it. This explains that their religion teaches them violence and hatred.

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  1. Whether you like it or not you are part of his instrument. Your writer is a blind dumbfounded. You can only twist your Christianity not Islam. Start your criticism even from your birth till the end of your life Islam will still remain Islam. During the life of prophet Muhammad (SAW), there many people like you. Though they didn’t end well. You will never a Muslim to say bad things about Jesus (AS). But you people only talk with emotion and hatred not by wisdom. If you know what you are doing is good keep it up, you will will definitely have your reward at least you use 90-100 years on earth. May Allah help you to have sensible thinking.

  2. Terrible write up, conjectures from an uninformed and myopic mind. Summarily, the writer is a rumour-monger.

    1. If it not the way it is and the way he write it is there any of quote among his references that is a lie,if you think is lie and you feel you ain’t happy about the history of Islam tell your evil doer to change the narrative and deviate from it rubbish

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