How Robbers Felt God after we Joined Hands in Prayer

A victim has narrated how God immediately took care of armed robbers who robbed him and a church bus filled with prayer warriors. What happened after may shock you.


Read his narration below:


Omo, I was robbed yesterday o…


Honestly the streets aint smiling…


I was on my way home from church and was about closing my door and driving off when my door touched someone…


I looked up to apologize and this dude is pointing a gun at me…



“Just sit down there”, he said in Yoruba.

How Robbers Felt God after we Joined Hands in Prayer

The rest of his crew showed up, took my phones, assaulted my ladyfriend (she got punched in the face), tore my shirt open looking too see if I wore a chain, and took my friends phone and other stuff..


Luckily she had hidden her other phone on a part of her body I wont mention here….


Dudes had already robbed the church bus in front of us, they had matchetes, and had even attacked someone who struggled with them, the dude was bleeding…


When they finished, they crossed over to the other side of the express and zoomed off on their bikes…


And went off on their robbing spree




These people forgot that they attacked a church filled with prophets, ministers, apostles, etc..



The least of us can lay hands on the sick and get instant lie..


We went back inside church, joined our hands together and prayed in tongues…issued decrees

How Robbers Felt God after we Joined Hands in Prayer
How Robbers Felt God after we Joined Hands in Prayer

We later discovered that at that very moment, someone who had seen them rob elsewhere hit them with his car and knocked two of them down.


Long story short, their ringleader (who pointed a gun at me) was arrested…


That dude was bloodied up seriously.


The Nigerian police are now saying my phones are exhibits…lol


But I’m getting them back anyways…na dem sabi


I’m grateful to God o…


So guys, be careful out there….and if God forbid you encounter these hoodlums, do NOT fight or resist…they have nothing to lose and are willing to take any kinda risk.

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