How Taskforce, LASTMA chased a driver into a canal in Lagos

Some members of the Nigerian Police force (Bolade Taskforce Team) and Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), have been accused of causing an accident around Airport road, Oshodi Isolo under bridge in Lagos State, after chasing a driver for passing one way.


According to the information the police men and LASTMA station around the under-bridge allegedly removed the one way sign on the road to get innocent drivers fall into their trap.


They allegedly chased the driver into a canal this morning and ranway afterwards living the driver to battle for his life a witness said.


A source who is familiar with the Area said both the Bolade taskforce team, Police and LASTMA have been milking innocent drivers that mistakenly fall into their trap for years charging up to N50,000 before releasing the drivers.


The residents call on the government to fish-out the officers involved in this evil act and restore the one way sign back to where it was removed to avert future disaster.

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