How Teddy’s Sexual Scandal made Air Peace loose Customers.

Last week, a lady who uses Twitter handle @HoFreak, posted widely about her sexual encounter with Big Brother finalist, Teddy A on Air Peace airline.

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The tweet came straight “I Fucked Teddy on The Plane. I Am So Dam Happy. “

Immediately, twitter fans too it ups, on retweets and comments, while this was on, customers of the airline, where it the alleged sexual time out happened started calling, so treathened, while some cancelled their flight for another.

As protection for business, Airline Peace immediately issued a Tweet Press Release or response saying there is no opportunity for this sort of activity on any of their plane.
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Though most people, especially the ladies are still ruminating on why sexual encounter with Teddy is causing so much buzz, what’s so special about his …. Also, since his video is dropping very soon, could this be the usual attention seeker then my product next kind of campaign? If yes, then it’s a terrible move.

Meanwhile, to clear it all, media men tried reaching out to the Teddy and his manager responded on phone saying “I don’t know anything about.”

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Well we know you don’t, so can we speak to Teddy already? Please move….

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