How to choose an Influencer for your Business Promotion

Why are you wasting money on influencer?


In 2019, I paid Bobrisky 250k for a video ad for one of my businesses. Guess how much I made:

500+ comments of “hmmm”, “na wa oo” “scam”, “shim” 🤣🤣🤣

El blends valentins Day


In 2021, when the same Bobrisky was trending for the wrong reasons, I ran a 100k ad on his page and gained around 2,300+ orders.

My team could not fulfill the orders. We legit refunded some because we were scared of being called scammers.


What happened?

Website Designing/Management/Social Media – Iyanu Victor

In 2019, I was a mumu 🤦🏿‍♀️

In Bobrisky’s voice “I was the real fuu, I was the real eediort”

Guess what I paid Bobrisky 250k to advertise for me, 🤦🏿‍♀️

Certified French Tutor in Nigeria with Years of Experience – Ms Blessing Akpan

Hair growth serum and guess what they 🏳️‍🌈 did, they wore a wig. This MF sorry influencer wore a wig and danced with the Product.😭😭😭


Whose fault was it? Mine.

I didn’t instruct them on what to do. I wanted to join the big boys who were using influencers. I allowed them to use their “initiative” 😭 Worst mistake.

Bro! That was my only money. Like when I did the transfer, I had like 40 naira left, I was already imagining how my brand would blow up but instead I received insults. I complained and got a fat spot in the block industry 😭

Basically, I couldn’t afford delicious food for the longest time and lived off tips.

|| A Guide To Healthy And Well Researched Diet Routines – FOOD THERAPIST

Anyway, this is what happens.

You are a broke business owner, you probably only have money for either influencer or marketing. You probably have money for just the product and after that, you live on air and god’s grace.

How to choose an Influencer for your Business Promotion

However, you see everyone using influencers. They claim to be cashing out afterwards. You feel left out. You message the influencer, they send you their rate card and you d-i-e a thousand deaths because what! That’s a lot of money.


You scrap all you have or better still, you’re one of the 1% who can get a loan from someone who won’t message your contacts saying “XXXXX is a criminal and has refused to pay the sum of xxxxx…” (You know the drill) So then you pay the influencer and you’re expecting $1M to hit your account in 24 hours.

4 minutes after the influencer posted the content (yours or theirs), there are only 4 likes on the MF post

You say eh! Wait o, but this person literally gets like 5k likes in few hours.

Minutes wears into hours and into days and depending on the agreement on the rate card, after a while, the content is deleted or falls into shadows.

Alas, you have been scammed!


You think: “Should I let go?” . One mind says: “No, let’s drag them!”

Then you tag them and write a pained, ang-ered message describing your frustration and disappointment.

Guess what, they don’t respond. Baby got blocked.

You scream: “on top my money!”

You go to blogs to see if they can help you call out this “influenza” , they charge you.

You cannot afford to “disgrace” this person, they are not going to refund you because they did their part.

So who’s to be blame for not making sales from this particular influencer?

Oh honey, it’s YOU!

Let’s break it down with my mistake.

I was earning a little over 100k at my job, I was doing multiple jobs and it took me 2 months and tips + side hustles (usher, ticket girl, bouncer – you have no idea how ridiculous I looked as a bouncer) to earn that money.

So if it took me all these time to gather, why did I lose it?

I was stewpid!


Clearly, because I wanted to fill like an established brand, I decided to employ the services of a cross dresser whose hair I have never seen.

Instead of using my luscious, raven black, coily long hair to do my ad.

Have you seen my hair? I was an Afro Rapunzel. Anyway, I chopped my hair off.

Now, Bobrisky, who everyone knows probably doesn’t use any hair products is who I decided to choose to influence a hair growth serum.

Of course I sold zero bottles. 😪


Here’s what I learnt:

1. Don’t pick any influencer just because the person is famous and always in the news for the wrong reasons: I picked Bobrisky to advertise a hair growth serum and they held the bottle and danced and tagged me. That was it. There was no copy. That brings me to number

  1. In the caption, they wrote, “grow you hair fasterrrr, get @xxxxvbnm.” See why I made no sale.

The mistake a lot of businesses make in the earlier stages is the poor finance management. They want to do like the big boys in their niche, forgetting that these businesses grinded before they got there or they had heavy investors to give them a rocket head start and that’s why they probably had huge positive results in their early stages.

If you pick influencers, just to feel “among”, you’ll probably su-ffer a similar fate.


So ask yourself: ,”Why should I choose this influencer?”

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