How to create wealth in each 5 South East states in Nigeria






✍️Do you know that if each of the Governors of the 5 states in the South East create robust programs that empowers community and private sector led palm value chains development initiatives over the next 2years [ 2023-2025] to develop 20,000- 30,000 hectares(50ha per community) of the tenera palm plantations, by 2028/30, the following will happen:

✍️For instance, the conditional cash transfers of the Humanitarian Affairs Ministry and Federal Ministry of Labour “purported” N52billion monthly grants to 774,000 Youth in Nigeria, that is accruable to Imo State or any of the south east states can be applied thus:

✍️With the assistance of the Imo state Surveyor Generals office, LGA Chairmen and attached trained Agric Extension Officers , get each of the 650 Autonomous Communities in Imo state to dedicate and clear 30- 50 hectares of land for mini palm agro industrial park uses.

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✍️Each of this community based 30- 50 hectares Malaysian Hybrid Tenera Palm Mini Agro Industrial Park, where 4,500- 7,500 hybrid tenera palm trees 🌴 will be planted, will also be used to intercrop RED CREYON ONIONS and other legumes for short term cash needs of the participants.

✍️Each of this 30- 50 hectares mini palm agro industrial park will have borehole , irrigation facilities, farm house and commodity warehouse .


✍️Adopting the SOUTH EAST FARMS AND AGRICULTURAL PROCESSING COMPANY LIMITED [SEFAPCOL] novel/ uniquely designed Missions, Community, Public Private Partnership arrangements to administer this program, with 50-100 persons participating from each community, will Create Direct 50-100 direct jobs in each community and cummulative 32, 500 to 65,000 upstream agro palm value chain jobs in each state in the South East.

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✍️Each of this 30- 50 hectares mini agro industrial park 50 -100 beneficiaries, from each community will get aggregated N25-N50million allocated and disbursed directly to this scheme, under an anchor-manager MCPPP project execution architecture to avoid diversion of funds and proper prpjects monitoring.


✍️Do you know that under this MCPPP project execution scheme, none of these 32,500 to 65,000 participatants [in each state ], will earn anything less than N60,000 to N100,000 monthly income in their villages at projects full optimisation within 3 years?


✍️SEFAPCOL and her consortium of global Partners undertake to Develop clusters of 30 units plus integrated palm value chain processing cottage factories in Imo state and in each of the 5 states in the South East that adopts this unique mini industrial agro park development model .


✍️Dr Michael Okpara accomplished and built over 214km Industrial corridor within 6 years.


✍️This uniquely designed agripreneurship delivery framework, will aggregate gross revenue of over $136million /N68billion into each state economy annually within the next 6 to 7 years. This is a agro wealth creation scheme that is sustainable

✍️In fact, within the first 6 to 12 months of starting this scheme, over N8billion will be generated from the intercroped root based legumes/ onions from the orchard annually in each state….


✍️ This will help Imo state government and any of the south east state governments to diversify the rural economic base of each of these 5 states, while enhancing food security.

✍️Parts of the JAAC revenues for each LGA in the state can be applied as equity contributions in partnership with the CBN and AFDB to unlock huge long term debt funding or grants for this unique MCPPP project delivery framework…



✍️We are offering this unique Missions , Community, Cooperatives, Individuals , Private and Public Partnership that works transparently. A unique proposition that grows our rural economy, stems rural urban migration, and enhances security in the state.


✍️This program is a more unique and scientific way of creating wealth in the rural areas based on honest enterprise. Unlike, the current practice, where some Governor are appointing 200,000 SAs towards election periods to aide election malpractice or wasting hundreds of billions of naira on conditional cash transfers and grants to ghost youths, that only end up creating more elitist criminals in the system, who stash looted millions of dollars in their soakaway.


✍️Our team of professionals will help any serious State or LGA or Community to create and develop customised Feasibility Studies, Bankable Business Plan, Pitch Decks etc that meets the unique funding needs and requirements of the development fund providers.


✍️We shall also provide you with Sprouted nuts and nursery plants of the high yielding hybrid tenera and Supergene palm species for your plantation development.


✍️We have aggregated the biggest tenera and supergene palm nursery banks in the south east, in excess of half a million trees ready to be transplanted at a hugely discounted rates per tree .


✍️We have also set up and operating many clusters of processing plants in communities in the south east.


✍️Upon commencement of FFB yields at your plantation , we shall set up a fully automated small scale palm oil processing mill with name plate capacity of 5tons per hour input capacity i.e. 13,200 metric tons capacity per annum in every cluster of communities or locations , where we can have up to 600 hectares of palm plantations.


✍️Please don’t tell me it is impossible. Don’t tell me that some of these development schemes are only practicable on papers . We must all agree to support wealth creation and aggregation in the land that is built on honest and creative enterprises….


✍️Any project, business or enterprise or state that is not built on transparent replicable processes and framework is bound to fail. WHATEVER YOU MISMANAGE, YOU WILL LOSE ….


✍️We are already executing this mandate in our own little ways and in our own little corners.


✍️Sharing out public monies/ resources to cronies , trained or untrained, without a transparent and chain linked monitoring and impact assessment framework will be waste of resources that will neither create sustainable jobs or reduce poverty. The looters will continue to loot such funds without any value add to the society …


✍️Rochas Okorocha shared out N1billion to hundreds of beneficiaries in Imo state towards the 2019 election period….. Please where are those millionaires that they gave funds to?


✍️The hushmummies and HUSHPAPAS in Abuja, under the aegis of the Humanitarian Affairs Ministry conditional cash transfer to the poor and trader monies scheme, shared out $5billion/N2.5trillion in 6years, and ended up creating additional 57million multidimensional poor Nigerians [ up from 76million in 2015], according to the world bank records and records of the NBS…


✍️When Peter Obi and Ahmed Datti of the Labour Party talks about building a nation , where production replaces consumption, and where collective wealth is created based on honest enterprise , not criminal renk seeking , the example above comes to mind …


✍️Nigeria and Nigerians can actually produce, process , consume and export agro based commodities worth over $200bn annually on incremental bases, if we sincerely set our minds to do it scientifically and honestly , deploying our best minds, brains and hands in all the MDAs and Parastatals.


✍️Every State and LGA in Nigeria, can actually survive and prosper on its own with the right leadership, without going cap in hand to beg in Abuja for trickles that are then looted by some few incompetent, wicked and heartless political bandits.


✍️The Northern Part of Nigeria can replicate this process on the Date Palm Plantation and other huge agro value chains ….


✍️Come let us reason together . Come let us rebuild our land.


Thank you

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