How to fix Google Adsense sellers.json file Notification

We encourage you to publish your seller information in the Google sellers.json. file. Visit the account settings page to review your current visibility status.


As a number of Google Adsense users are getting this notification on their accounts, so they’re posting about it where to get an idea which settings suits best for them. So, our digital expert have solved it for them.

“A published and accessible sellers.json. file allows the identity of the final seller of a bid request to be discovered (assuming that they are ads.txt authorized). It also allows the identities of all nodes (entities that participated in the bid request) in the SupplyChain object to also be discovered.”


“Currently, it is possible for the final seller to be identified via the and Publisher.domain attributes, but in practice, these properties are inconsistently populated by various selling systems. sellers.json enables smaller bid request object sizes by allowing this information to be looked up and cached “offline” rather than supplied with every bid request. sellers.json also allows the identification of any and all intermediaries that participated in the selling of a bid request.” Says IAB Tech.

Follow these steps to get the best settings for Google sellers.json file; or best Seller information visibility settings for Adsense;


Step # 1: Goto Adsense, then go to “Account Information”

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How to fix Google Adsense sellers.json file Notification

Step # 2: Scroll down to “Seller information visibility“

How to fix Google Adsense sellers.json file Notification

Step # 3: Select these settings
Google prefers to make your Seller information Visibility Transparent, so we will use the following settings;

  • Visibility Status: Transparent.
  • Business Domain: Can be your corporate domain, this does not mean any listed domain. Such as If works under, i will list because it is the company that is running

How to fix Google Adsense sellers.json file Notification


You’re done! Now there is one more crucial step that you have to perform to make this finalized, that is to add sellers.json file to the core of your website. In next step, we’re going to teach your how can you add it.

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How to add Google Adsense sellers.json file to the Website?


Follow these steps very carefully. Before we move on, let me tell you we use cPanel on the VPS hosting that we use.

Step # 1: Open “File Manager” after logging in your “cPanel“

Step # 2: Goto “Public_HTML“

Step # 3: Click “File” and create a new file and name it “sellers.json“

Step # 4: Locate the “File” and Edit it

How to fix Google Adsense sellers.json file Notification




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