How To Handle Disappointment in relationship

How To Handle Disappointment in relationship

How To Handle Disappointment in relationship…First point…

“The first thing you need to do when you are kicked out is to know that nobody throws away what he values”

If you are kicked out, you were never valued. Don’t plan to win yourself back into such a place.


Sometimes, what seems to be our biggest pain shows us more of our miracles. God’s intervention can hurt. Lot left Soddom with nothing. Does it look. like a miracle?

When you are dropped, don’t fight back into the ring. Forcing yourself on someone who doesn’t value you is like when you have agreed to buy a rag. You will never wear it nor use it for a good purpose. The same happens to you when you struggle too hard for someone to create a space for you in his or her life after he or she has rejected you.


Nobody creates the gut to throw away something he values. If someone has thrown you away, God is announcing to you that you have been at the wrong place. Rise up and move on. What you wanted in that person is not anywhere near to be found.

Someone else has it. And that true person will show up. Give your life the chance to meet the right person.


Sometimes, we love to over stay at the wrong place. Why praying to God to make someone who doesn’t value you to love you? God cannot join you in your ignorance? Move towards the direction of the people that really have prayed to meet you.


…Second point…

“Disappointment is not a tragedy”

I once waited for a lady who gave me every assurance that God has spoken to her that I was to be her husband but when she returned, she left me for someone else. She held her hand on a stupid excuse and I knew it. I felt peace than hurt. If you push the wrong person into marriage, that is when it will be worse.

The right person will burn every excuse to get to you.

I never cried even though she took much of my time as I was waiting. I only told God that my blessing is bigger than my disappointment. Today, God has proven it to be true.


Your future is better than your pains. Focus on your future. Don’t let someone’s weakness become the prison you live inside. If someone has failed you, give yourself a success challenge and move. Don’t fail yourself

There are always ten persons better than the person you want to die for that you meet everyday. Everyday gives you the opportunity to meet the right better people but sometimes, we are stucked on people who don’t deserve us.


Third point.

Sometimes, the only way God brings deliverance is to cut someone out of your life….

Even though that God sent His Angel to protect Hagar and her son, Ishmael, He still stood with Abraham’s decision to cut them off.

That someone who cut you off is prospering or doing well in life should not attract you back into his or her life. Abraham never ran back to Hagar because of God’s intervention in her life neither tried to reunite with Esau because of his wealth.


Haggai was Abraham’s biggest mistake and he acted very well when God gave him the opportunity to close that wrong door.

You will always get a more better person than the person that never saw the greatness in you. Your destiny is your future. Move there.


Anyone with the gut to ask you to leave will have guts to hurt you in many ways. The wrong people always bring pains.

God cannot place your blessings in the hands of the wrong person. When someone walks away from you, remind God that you are ready for the next biggest miracle.


Ruth was barren and became a widow but she reminded her mother in law that her journey wasn’t over with all those experiences. She moved into a land she was never part of it from birth and God opened the heart of a successful and rich business man towards her.

You don’t know who God is waiting to open his other heart for you but the problem is that your mind is still stucked on someone who is not part of God’s vision and plan for you. God is not going to interrupt you until you interrupt yourself and be free.

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