How to identify Single, Married and Happily Married partners.

How to identify Single, Married and Happily Married partners.

Hey guys, I’m Temi Badmus. I know a lot of guys have asked why I have not put down something’s into writing lately. Well, I have being busy serving my fatherland and you all know as a food scientist ensuring compliance is not really easy.


Well, enough about me.


Today, i want to discuss how people look and I will be talking about three categories of people.

El-Blends elblends



Happily married.


In comparison to how we see most movie portray, movies often shows that single people are angry people, who are always in search of relationship but the truth actually is, a lot of single people are happy, living their free life and enjoying their freedom.



Most married partners  will just try to fix their schedule to make sure they have time for each other, especially when the situation is involving two busy Partners

They hardly have sex or have fun most times they are around each other, they make sure the time they have is judiciously spent.


Meanwhile, most happily married partners  are always happy,  they have good sex often, they play together, bath together and mostly the woman will always wear a clothe that often maybe not all the time covers her body without leaving any cleavage, but most married people actually do not do all this .


I will also be sharing some pictures that depict the following things inhale sated above, when it come to movies : they often show most married partners  go to the movies to have fun, eat porn corn, cuddle and all, but in real life, most married people don’t really have time for this.


Also when it come to having sex, I have heard a lot of young people say, I will be having sex all day when I get married, but the truth is most married partners  do not even have time to have sex as movies stated, and most singles don’t have sex as portray in movies when compared to real life, but then most people who are happily married are close to how they are being portray in movies in most of the attribute above.





Check If she’s fully open, half opened or lock up, then check her finger.

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Check how she looks, high self esteem, low self esteem.


Then even Netflix lied to us.

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Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. She is an health freelancer, and media Manager. She is a humorous and controversial writer, who believes all form of writing is audible if it's done well. Temi Badmus specializes on indigenous food nutrient research and values. She believes in reaching out to people with health decline through articles and giving advice on good eating habit.

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