How to Introduce Sex Toys into your Relationship

Sex Toys in Relationship — Another weekend is here again! I want to believe you have had an exciting week, let’s make the weekend even more exciting.


Sex can become monotonous and boring, especially between partners who have been together for a while.


It’s always a good idea to spice things up from time to time.


Introducing sex toys into partnered sex is the perfect way to add sparks and open up new realms of pleasure for everyone involved.

How to Introduce Sex Toys into your Relationship
Sex toys are an exciting way for fun-loving couples to increase intimacy, while further exploring their relationship.

Still, a lot of people shy away from using them with their partners because they believe it’s only for solo fun, while some men feel threatened by them and see them as competition.


Yet, incorporating sex toys into your sex life is very normal and it doesn’t mean there’s a problem with the relationship.


They should be seen as tools for getting a better sexual experience and nothing more.


Introducing sex toys into your relationship shouldn’t be a hard task.


Here are a few tips:

Cultivate an open sex talk culture in your relationship: It’s so much easier to broach the subject of sex toys when you already have regular open communication about sex. Talking about sex can help increase intimacy and provide the opportunity for each of you to better understand what is most enjoyable for you sexually.


Be honest: Being open and honest about what you want will help you and your partner enjoy the new addition as it takes you to a whole new level of shared satisfaction. As humans, we crave and love to explore new things. Doing this with a partner is one of the best ways to solidify your bond.

Shop together: Shopping for a sex toy together is not only fun but it’s also an amazing way to heighten the anticipation.

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How to Introduce Sex Toys into your Relationship

Don’t force the idea: If your partner is not open to the idea, don’t force toys on them.


Have fun exploring.

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