How To Make Your Friends With Benefits Entanglement Successful

A Friends With Benefits (FWB) relationship or situationship is perfect for someone who wants to have sex regularly but doesn’t want the stress of a committed partnership.


Studies have shown that with good communication and boundaries, friends with benefits arrangements can work, but they almost inevitably end with tears. Here are seven tips and ground rules that will make your friends-with-benefits situationship last longer and end well.


How To Make Your Friends With Benefits Entanglement Successful:

1. Talk about everything: Great communication is the only way to maintain any form of relationship, no matter how trivial. Friends with benefits relationships require real and serious communication between both parties. You and your partner must discuss what you both want from the relationship. You should discuss boundaries, how and when the relationship will end, and set ground rules peculiar to your situation.


2. Make sure you can handle the emotional drama that comes with this type of relationships: You have to prepare for any emotional twists that may come along the way. Do not start a friends-with-benefits arrangement with someone you want more with. The idea that you will be able to make him/her fall in love with you when you start having sex will get you hurt, and it will be all your fault.


3. Be honest about your sex lives: You shouldn’t be afraid to ask your partner about their sexual health. You should both decide what kind of sexual activities are acceptable. You should also decide if you are allowed to see other people or if you are exclusive. Dishonesty will destroy the arrangement and your friendship.

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4. Respect each other’s boundaries: When you set boundaries for each other, keep to them and do not expect more. Don’t introduce your friend with benefits partner to your parents or attend weddings together. Generally, avoid activities that people in traditional relationships have and maintain the boundaries that you set for yourselves.


5. Prioritize your friendship over the benefits: If you were truly friends before you started having sex, then you must work to keep that friendship safe, regardless of how things turn out with the arrangement you have. Try to maintain the kind of bond you had as friends before you got into the arrangement. Giving up your friendship to maintain only the sexual part of your relationship may leave someone feeling used.


6. Have fun exploring safely: The point of this kind of arrangement is to explore sexually in a safe space. However, you must always use protection every time you have sex. That said, make the best of your situationship (if you have one) and try every style and/or fetish you have without fear of judgement. An FWB arrangement is not the place to fake an orgasm. Communicate your sexual needs and make sure you are ticking all of your boxes.

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7. Stop sex immediately if the way you feel about the arrangement or your partner changes: Stop the FWB arrangement as soon as you start to catch feelings. Don’t stay, hoping that your friend will also feel the same way. The moment you find yourself falling for your partner, get out of the arrangement. If you are meant to be together, you’ll find your way back to each other.




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  1. The first problem is talking more sef… Just fuck and go. Which one is communicate… What are they communicating about? That’s where emotion come in and eventually will end in tears

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