How to Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving Contact Number

WhatsApp is one of the biggest messaging apps and caters to more than 2 billion users worldwide. To bring people together, it has introduced cool features such as WhatsApp Communities, share your live location in WhatsApp, and even the ability to message yourself in WhatsApp. The company offers a ton of useful features but skimps on basic functionality, i.e. the ability to send a message to WhatsApp users without saving their phone number. However, there are several workarounds to this problem, and we will explain how you can easily message someone on WhatsApp without adding their contact number.


Send Message Without Adding Contact on WhatsApp (Dec 2022)

In this guide by Anmol Sachdeva, we have included six different methods to send WhatsApp messages without saving phone numbers. From the new message yourself and “click-to-chat” feature to iPhone shortcuts and third-party apps, we have added them all here.

Use the table below to navigate to the method you would like to use:

A. Using the New Message Yourself Feature (Easiest)

Using the new feature that lets you message yourself on WhatsApp, you can now text other people without saving their number. Here’s how this method works:

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First, head to the “Message yourself” chat with your phone number and (You) label in WhatsApp. Then, type or paste the unsaved phone number here and send it to yourself.
6 Ways to Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving Contact Number


  1. Now, the unsaved phone number will appear blue in the chat. Tap on the phone number and select “Chat with <phone number>” to message the person without saving their contact information.


  1. The chat window for that unsaved number will open on your screen, and you can message them with ease.


B. Click on Unsaved Contact Number in WhatsApp Group

The second method we will use to message WhatsApp users without saving their contact numbers is pretty common. If you are in a group chat but don’t have a number saved on your device, you can still message them using the steps below:

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  1. First, open the group chat and tap on the number in the conversation itself. You will then see a pop-up, where you need to select the “Message <phone number>” option.


  1. If you can’t locate the phone number in a group chat, tap the group’s name at the top to head to the settings. Then, scroll down to the participants list and look for the unsaved phone number. Tap the phone number to see the “Message <phone number>” option in a pop-up as above.


  1. Using either the first or second step, you will be transferred to the individual chat window and can text the user without adding their number to your phonebook. If you use WhatsApp regularly and care about your privacy, we suggest you also check out our guide on how to hide your last seen and online status on WhatsApp.
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