How Umu Ayamelum murdered Truth in the name of Politics

Ojoto youth leaders deny joining APGA



The work of a legislator is too many but Umu Ayamelum always defends an error that might put our future into a state of political jeopardy.


Mr speaker hails from Ayamelum but his followers doesn’t care about how Ayamelum will become ” Eji amatu” in Anambra State


During the time of Operation light up Anambra, Ayamelum LG were Ostracized and mr speaker happens to be the Chairman and nothing were done up til today on that road


Mr speaker is from Ayamelum but the only link road to Ayamelum from Nando-Aguleri is always like a ghetto zone where kidnappers Fulani herdsmen lives and Mr Speaker doesn’t care or talk more of approaching the Governor to do something.


Mr Speaker is not thinking on how constituency projects will be mounted in Ayamelum and up till now, Umu Ayamelum are being regarded as people that lives in the forest and Mr Speaker is smiling to our detriment.

Umumbo, Omasi Uno and Umerum road were totally abandoned while Mr Speaker pretends that those affected Towns doesn’t care and who is in the position to facilitate this construction if not Mr Speaker?


No building structures were mounted in any primary schools/Secondary schools that bears Mr Speaker’s name as his projects.


No structures were mounted at any primary health care in Ayamelum that bears his name as his projects yet his fans are happy.


Umumbo, Omasi Uno and Umueje are without Electrification installation and Mr Speaker is busy campaigning for 3rd term after a wasted (8) years in orgiastic life.


No borehole projects were done in any of the (8) communities in Ayamelum and yet Mr speaker claims that all us are nonentities.


No loan/financial assistance were rendered to Umu Ayamelum farmers and traders in his name over 7 years that he was elected by Umu Ayamelum and yet he is busy with his 3rd term agenda.

No structures were even mounted in any market across Ayamelum that bears the name of ” Mr speaker and yet his relatives are busy clapping for him instead of Advising “Mr Speaker.

How Umu Ayamelum murdered Truth in the name of Politics
How Umu Ayamelum murdered Truth in the name of Politics

In the last senseless crises in Ayamelum that took many lives and properties between same sister communities, ” Mr speaker up til now have not facilitated the ” REHABILITATION, RECONSTRUCTION AND PROPER RECONCILIATION” towards having an eternal peace between the communities and yet he is busy lobbying for 3rd term.


Our LG structure is like a place where Fulani herdsmen camps and ” Mr Speaker is not dreaming on how that LG will be Anambra East LG, Dunukofia LG, Akwa South LG etc and yet he claims to be a good Legislator.


No assistance were rendered to the windows in Ayamelum for over (7) years now that he joined Anambra State House of Assembly and his colleagues are doing that in other LG’S and he was the one approving the money.


No medical outreach has been conducted in Ayamelum by Mr Speaker since he joined the Anambra State House of Assembly and yet his fans are attacking the truth on the marble.


No skills Acquisition programme has been done by Mr Speaker and yet his boys are busy attacking us while Mr Speaker jeers at them for being after their stomachs and attires.


No scholarship programme were awarded by Mr Speaker and yet the unconverted graduates in the state civil service doesn’t bother at all.


No assistance to those farmers in Ayamelum whose farm products were carried away by erosions in 2020 and yet Mr Speaker is busy building his hotel mansion in Awka while Umu Ayamelum are dying out of food shortage.

No bursary award to Ayamelum undergraduates by Mr Speaker up til now and Mr Speaker claims to be a good representative.


Mr Speaker have not done any political empowerment since he joined Anambra State House of Assembly for over (7) years now.


Omasi farm settlement is now being called Adani farm settlement where we have ” Mr Speaker ” from same Ayamelum North.


The 2nd link road from Umerum to Achalla is today a political gimmick where we have Mr Speaker of the present day Anambra State House of Assembly.


My question remains ” What then is the work of a legislator?


What then is called the “oversight function of a legislator?


Umu Ayamelum when and where did we offended our own son, Mr Speaker.


It is politically incredible that Umumbo community whose road were awarded in 2014 by the Ex-Governor is still a ‘ No Go Area’ in rainy season and 8 years has finished.


Nwakobu Ancient kingdom lamenting

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