How Writing Boost Other Professions.

Journalism Is Now Cash And Carry

Writing is a medium or art of communication, the power of observation and expression of thoughts, feelings, ideas, signs and symbols in most languages and, in a more dynamic process and structure.


In writing, we express ourselves and give a complete meaning to words. This also enables us to identify vocabularies, grammars, and semantics. To a writer, writing is a raw talent that’s built on perseverance, consistency and intelligence.


How can writing boost other professions?

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Writing complement, improve and boost other professions because other professions requires creativity to strive and function effectively, and writers are creative agents who helps to beautify other professions.


In the 21st century, writing as become pertinent to any profession as technology has connected the world and enabling us to become proficient and efficient in our professions.


Every profession requires minimal qualification of reading and writing for any job, and with the advancement of technology, every profession needs individuals that have a good writing skills. Writing boost other profession is no longer a debate but a fact. It is not just an exigency for better opportunities rather, a necessity for creating impact, activating social acceptance and appreciation, and earning a decent wage for a job well done. (Okoroji C.A 2015, Article, Purposeful Writing, P.3) ‘Writing is the mechanism requires to send strong message in any workplace or any political struggles. Writers are like lawyers, they give both the likes and dislikes. They write on what that matters with a clearer views and objectives, it doesn’t need to suit you and, you either criticise or accept the outcome’.


Every organization requires individuals with good writing skills in any job capacity, either to write a proposal, draft memo, or write a report etc.


In Nigeria, the Constitutional requirements for any political position is the ability to read and write, this implies that if one have the ability to read and write, he or she can hold any political position such as the office of the president (Section 318 of the Constitution). With such, it becomes a necessity for any child or adult to improve in their literacy skills.


From: Fisher, Steven Rodger. ‘The History of Writing’ (London, Reaktion 2001) P.12.
Writing systems are both functional, providing a visual way to represent language and also symbolic, in that represent cultures and peoples. In the writing systems of the world, Florian Coulmas describes as follows:

‘As the most visible items of language, scripts and orthographics are ’emotionally loaded’ indicating as they do group loyalties and identifies. Rather than being more instruments of a practical nature, they are symbolic systems of great social significance which may, moreover, have profound effect on social structure of speech community’.


As humans societies emerged, the development of writing was driving by pragmatic exigencies such as exchange of information, maintaining financial accounts, codifying laws and recording history. Writers develop content for various types of media including advertisement; books and magazines, movie, play and television scripts; and blogs.


Writing improves other professions because in other professions, you need the following creative writers:
1. Proposal Writer: They write/edit content in proposal to ensure consistency, clarity and persuasiveness of the proposal material.

2. Technical Writer: They write on the user manual and requirements, technical specifications, technical installation plan, test plans etc.

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3. Content Writer: They Write about any topic of interest. Unlike writers that are specialized in a given field.

4. Speech Writer: They Write speech for business leaders, politicians and others who must speak in front of an audience.

5. Screen Writer: They creates scripts for movies and television. They may produce original stories, characters, and dialogue or turn a book into a movie or television scripts.


As a writer, other professions such as politics, politicians needs a writer to write a speech. An Organization needs a writer to write/edit proposal contents. A Production Managers, Directors, Actors needs a Screen writer to write a script for their movie. To tell a story, or write on a topic of interest, one needs a Writer.


‘Writing don’t just boost other profession, but beautify and improves other professions, such as every profession needs a Writer’.



In Nigeria, there is a disappointing and frustrating number of writers. Programs and organizations such as Rising Young Authors as push for increase in global communication in our various institutions of learning, thereby, helping to close the gap for the shortage for creative writers in the country. Writers in Nigeria needs governmental and organizational support, and awareness for them to strive. Every child in Nigeria should be able to read and write in order to meet the global demand in communication skills.



Writing is symbolic and, every Writers are intelligent, as writing is a talent that anyone can chose irrespective of their discipline. A doctor can write a medical book and also, write on a prescription of drugs for his or her patient, An Engineer can also do the same. Writing improves other professions and it is a way of communicating our ideas, feelings and experience without fear or favour.



Okoroji Chidiebere Alexander

The Young Writers Conference, Port Harcourt 2019.

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