Hushpuppi not yet released, lawyer Gal Pissetzky

Gal Pissetzky, the legal representative of suspected Internet fraudster, Ramon Abass, simply referred to as  Hushpuppi, has said the suspect is on his way to California, United States of America, for trial.


This comes after rumor started trending that his client Hushpuppi had being released.

Hushpuppi not yet released, lawyer Gal Pissetzky
Hushpuppi not yet released, lawyer Gal Pissetzky


instagram influencer Hushpuppi who was arrested for a $430M “Cyberscam” & caught with $37 million in cash has been released from jail.

In this life, do anything you want but don’t pray to be poor it can even affect your imam. Just dont pray to be poor!! I mean look at Hushpuppi now, free and living life. Just don’t be poorBroken heartMan facepalmingFace with tears of joy


So even U.S federal bureau of prison no fit handle #hushpuppi matter, is this really a good news?Thinking face
Ahh money dey talk o


But through PUNCH, Gal Pissetzky cleared the rumor, on Wednesday night, saying that he had not been released as being speculated in some quarters.

The Chicago lawyer, also cleared a former rumor, that he is still Hushpuppi’s lawyer.


“He has not been released and I am still his lawyer. He is on his way to California. Not everything you see on court documents is accurate.

“Just because the jail record says ‘released’ does not mean he has been released. He is being transferred to California,” he said on phone.

Hushpuppi not yet released, lawyer Gal PissetzkyHushpuppi not yet released, lawyer Gal Pissetzky

Hushpuppi is facing trial for alleged Internet fraud.


He was initially taken to a Chicago court, where he was denied bail, before the case was transferred to California.

The matter is being handled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which took over the case from the Dubai Police.


The Dubai Police alleged that the 37-year-old and his gang defrauded 1,926,400 people from different parts of the world and stole about 1.6bn Dirham (N168bn).


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  1. They should well done… Very soon the case will clear. Who is deceiving who? His lawyer can’t actually come out to the public to say he’s been released now

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