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I almost lost my life working toward the Grammy; Burna Boy

I almost lost my life working toward the Grammy; Burna Boy


Nigerian singer, Burna Boy has in an interview with GQ magazine revealed why he invested so much effort into becoming a Grammy winner.

According to him, his determination was getting to that milestone or losing his life.


He said;

“Following several collaborations with foreign artistes of African heritage, I just made up my mind that I wanted it all. I wanted to be the greatest.


That’s when it hit me really hard that I had to do it. It was that or death.”


Going further, Burna Boy stated that he is happier as an individual for helping ‘our people’ see beyond their limitations.


He added;

“I was not celebrating because of myself. It was almost as if I had broken a mental cycle of our people. Our people had been very mentally oppressed to feel like they could not do certain things, and that certain things were unreachable.”


Every day, I realise more that things are bigger than me. I have to think for a lot of people – basically a whole generation – before I think of myself.”


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