I am So angry..

If Buhari had not
toppled President
Shagari, June 12 would
never have happened. It
was the military that
Buhari brought into
power that annuled
June 12 and jailed Abiola
till he died.

Last week
we celebrated 19 years
of democracy. If Buhari
did not topple Shagari it
should have been 39
years! But, it is not
surprising. A man who
gave dead people
political appointments
will definitely have no
qualms in exploiting a
dead man whose life he
never added value to.

While Abiola was in
Abacha’s prison, Buhari
was in Abacha’s parlour
enjoying and preparing
for Abacha’s self

When Abiola was alive,
you offered him no help
whatsoever. You wined
and dined with his
tormentor. You
watched as he
destroyed Abiola’s
business. You continue
to celebrate Abacha in
death and exploit Abiola
in death.

How can you
‘honour’ a man whose
life you dishonoured?

You have forgotten
when you were praising
Abacha as the next
best thing after sliced
bread. Now Abiola is
your best thing because
of elections.

We were
born at night, not last
night! We will not forget
your Sai Abacha in 1998.

One week you praise
Abiola’s jailer, Abacha,
the next week, you
show your hypocrisy by
remembering Abiola.
You only accepted to
serve Abacha AFTER he
jailed Abiola. You only
accepted to honour
Abiola just BEFORE

You still
served Abacha after
Kudirat was murdered!
You continued to serve
him after Rewane was
murdered. You even
continued to serve him
in death by saying
‘Abacha never stole’.

I have never come across
a man so desperate for
power and yet he does
not know what to do
with it!

My fellow youths, get your PVC and do the needful! This is nothing but a Blackmailing propaganda!!!

Usman Dgoldenson
Lagos island

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