Nigerian Contortionist, DFLEX: ‘I am the most flexible man in Nigeria’

I am the most flexible man in Nigeria - Nigerian Contortionist, DFLEX

Although very little is known of Nigerian contortionist, Oyindamola Emmanuel, alias DFLEX, he continues to thrill the global online community with his dexterous ability to bend his body in ways one can only imagine. His amazing skills recently earned him a feature in Phyno’s Alobam video and mentions from celebrities, Kate Henshaw and Dan Foster (late). One of the top ten finalists in Nigeria’s Got Talent 2014 edition, he briefly interacted with PREMIUM TIMES.



PT: Our readers would love to know more about you. Who is Dflex Contortionist? Tell us a bit about yourself.

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DFLEX: My name is Oyindamola Kolawole Emmanuel but friends call me DFLEX. I am a contortionist and a performer and also a ‘200hr certified yoga instructor. I am from Akure, Ondo State. I was born on the 25th of December 1993. I’m from a family of four children and I’m the first child.

I graduated from the Yaba College of Technology (Yabatech). I studied Mass Communication.

I am the most flexible man in Nigeria - Nigerian Contortionist, DFLEX
I am the most flexible man in Nigeria – Nigerian Contortionist, DFLEX

PT: Most contortionists are generally categorised as “front benders” or “back benders”. What category can we place you in?

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DFLEX: I am a front bender.



PT: When did you first discover these skills you have and what was your disposition when you found out?

DFLEX: I discovered my talent in my secondary school on the playground. The first thing I realised I could do was ‘jump ropes’ with my hands. This is when you interlock your fingers and take them over your head and back. After this, I discovered a lot of other things from practicing and then I knew I had the talent.

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PT: How did your friends, family and others react to this uncommon talent of yours at first?

DFLEX: Reactions at first were weird as it was a new kind of action but they are getting used to it now. They still get amazed when I do some things. My mum can’t stand watching me perform.


PT: This seemingly ‘inhuman’ flexibility no doubt captivates audiences. But others are horrified when they see such. Does their reaction disturb you?

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DFLEX: The reactions don’t bother me in any way. I’m used to it.

I am the most flexible man in Nigeria - Nigerian Contortionist, DFLEX
I am the most flexible man in Nigeria – Nigerian Contortionist, DFLEX

PT: What are some of the major performances you have been involved in in the past that thrill you?

DFLEX: I have had a lot of performances but I can only mention a few like Nigeria’s Got Talent, Circus Zyair in the UK, Lagos State Count-down, Big Brother Naija to mention a few.



PT: These performances are very rare in Nigeria and parts of Africa. Why do you think this is so?

DFLEX: It’s rare because there is no opportunity for this type of activity. With time, people with this talent give up and pursue other things to survive. Parents and people don’t see how it can be a career so they tend to look down on it and pay no attention to it.


PT: How do you feel when people call you Nigeria’s ‘most flexible contortionist’? Do you think they are correct?

DFLEX: I feel good and happy when they call me ”the most flexible person in Nigeria” but I don’t let it get to me because some people can be clowns. I just smile and keep working.


PT: How did you come about the appellation, DFlex?

DFLEX: The name DFLEX was given to me by a friend. He coined it from the short name they called me then “Dami”



PT: Can someone reading this who loves what you do, learn this skill?

DFLEX: It’s a 50-50 chance. Some people are naturally flexible and can train their bodies. But the ones that don’t have the gift can only get to a certain level of flexibility and not 100%.

I am the most flexible man in Nigeria - Nigerian Contortionist, DFLEX

PT: Tell us about some major projects you have worked on and personalities you worked with?

DFLEX: I have worked with a couple of celebrities in Nigeria like Kaffy, Psquare, Phyno, and others. I had my show last year titled LIMBERNESS. It’s a show to promote the act of contortion and I plan on doing another edition soon. Also, I auditioned for ‘America’s Got Talent this year.


PT: Tell us about the most memorable experience you have had related to your skills.

DFLEX: America’s got talent audition is the most memorable moment for me.



PT: What should we be expecting from DFlex in the next few years?

DFLEX: Expect great things in the nearest future.

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