I chose my Wife over every other Women because of her Bed Performance – Liberian President

I chose my Wife over every other Women because of her Bed Performance – Liberian President

Women groups in Liberia are angry at president George Weah over what they call indecent and denigrating revelations about the sexual habits of his wife the president said in a chapter of his biography.


The president is said to detail in the book various reasons why he chose his wife over other women for marriage, including her performance in bed.

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The latest incident comes after excerpts of the book were shared online by US-based Liberian talk show host Henry Costa.


Women’s groups angry about the publication are said to be planning demonstrations to condemn the book.


But many people want the Liberian president to be clear and admit whether or not the authors lied about what he told them in the biography.

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Meanwhile, the Liberia Immigration Services detained Issac Vah Tukpah, the co-author of a book about President George Weah that contains details that have been described as “demeaning to the President’s wife and womanhood.”


Although before Tukpah’s detention, there have been no formal charges filed against him, neither publicly announced as wanted nor has an arrest warrant been issued.

George Weah has three children with Clar, 56, whom he married in 1992

But according to the government, Tukpah was detained while trying to cross the Liberian border into Sierra Leone during late-night hours.

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“Officers of the Joint Security headed by the Liberia Immigration Service intercepted Issac Vah Tukpah at Tianeh inland Checkpoint in Grand Cape Mount County at 11:45 p.m. He was asked by those officers to have himself identified to know the individual that was traveling at that time of the night. He presented Liberian and American driving licenses,” the LIS said in a statement via Facebook.


The statement added that “Tukpah was traveling at the time of the night when all of the borders were closed and, due to his safety, those officers decided to keep him at the checkpoint until daylight. He was traveling with no official traveling documents and is currently at the Bo Waterside Border Crossing Point.


The book, titled ‘George Weah: The Dream, The Legend, The Rise to Power’, claims to be a first-of-its-kind biographical account of the life of George Weah, and takes readers on a revealing expedition, down the many rabbit holes and crevices of George Weah’s journey into politics, exposing his alleged imperfections as a superstar at the helm of a youthful generation.

However, it is chapter 13 of the book that has received huge public condemnation due to explicit references to the President’s imitate life and marital details, which many consider as rude to his wife Clar Weah and disgrace to womanhood.


In chapter 13, the authors specifically attributed a quote to the President who, they claimed, made detailed references about his spouse.


The book, co-authored by Tukpah and Prof. Emmanuel Clarke, is “mostly based on interviews with Weah’s family members, classmates, close friends, coaches, journalists, political associates, and women with whom he has had intimate relationships, and gives the reader an in-depth knowledge of the life of George Weah.”


According to sources, Tukpah was forced to flee the country following a tipoff that his life was in danger as a result of the book.


Tukpah’s family sources added that he received several threats on his life and was tipped off at the highest levels that his life was in danger and needed to leave the country immediately.


“He proceeded to leave the country at night but was arrested by Liberian Immigration at the border with Sierra Leone. They all had his photo on their phones and said that he was wanted by the Liberian government, even though he has not been charged with any crime and no warrant for his arrest has been issued.

“Vah has committed no crime. He was last seen at the Tienne border checkpoint and reportedly taken to Bo Waterside border post. Vah’s life is now in the hands of George Weah and Nathaniel McGill. Please let’s both pray for him, his wife, and kids, as well as elevate this to the international media and western governments,” the family sources stated.


Meanwhile, Issac Vah Tukpah, who served as chief of office staff to Alexander B. Cummings, political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress, was asked to resign after public backlash over the book.

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