I Could Die Soon – I Could Wake Soon… – Chiamaka Nta

The thought, fear or excitement that one could end his/her life without the intervention of the creator.

To every faith, belief or religion, to their own creator or where they emanated from, some choose the easy means to end their lives due to certain encounter in their lives journey, the worst case is that it becomes a little thing or issue that triggers the urge.


Slash a wrist and soak in one’s blood in a pool of water, jump over from a height into the water, tangle one’s neck in a tight rope or rope like material till one’s breath seize, drown on over dosed pills, endless sick ways to die that comes to people’s mind.

I doubt if everyone is lonely, there has to be someone you can confide in, even if the person isn’t a family member, it’s sickening to think that when you flawlessly switch off your life, you suffer no more, you feel pains no more, unhappiness flushed away, uncertainty and ambition comes to a halt.


Those are selfish reasons, the thought should be, “how the people that loved and cared for you would feel”, they would eventually move on without you, but the void you filled in their lives would still be empty.


To realize that contentment is the key, to hold those who love you nearer and not be the selfish and ungrateful individual that wants more at the expense of others happiness.

The little things that should get you riled up, should not surface in your mind.

Your life might not matter to you but could matter to someone else, death is not the way out especially when you will be leaving your generation here on earth to listen to your life story.


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Chiamaka Nta 
Empathic Writer (Freelance)
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