I moved to Los Angeles because I ‘could never’ afford the same ‘kind of house’ in London – Adele

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins has explained why she relocated from London to Los Angeles years ago, she opened up in a recent interview with British Vogue.


She says that the main motivator for the move was pricey real estate.


In Adele’s interview with Giles Hattersley for the British and US Vogue November 2021 issues, the singer said one of the key reasons she, her ex-husband Simon Konecki, and their 9-year-old Angelo, relocated was to improve their quality of life.

Adele: Why I left London for Los Angeles

In London, she said that most of her time was “in a car or inside a building” and that she wanted to be in a place where there was “fresh air and somewhere I could see the sky.”


The singer landed in LA, adding that “the kind of house I have in LA I could never afford in London. Ever.”

Hattersley questioned Adele’s statement, but Adele stood by it. “No, I looked at houses. It’s like hundreds of millions of pounds. I don’t have that much money at all. I’d throw up,” she said.


Adele owns three mansions next door to one another in LA. The homes have a British cottage vibe and together cost about $30 million, according to The New York Post.

I moved to Los Angeles because she 'could never' afford the same 'kind of house' in London - Adele

In 2016, she purchased her first LA home for $9.5 million, Insider previously reported. Since then, she’s purchased two more homes, each costing an estimated $10 million. Konecki lives in one of the homes, so the family could stay together for their son Angelo after their divorce in 2019, Adele said in the interview.


While Adele doesn’t own a sprawling, three-house compound in London, she does have real estate in the city that is “very European, ” she told British Vogue.


Talking about Vogue, the singer and writer wrote,

“The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, which was still under construction at the time, let us use their incredible rooftop and grounds to shoot me dressed up and looking rather fancy if I do say so myself! A little bit of Tottenham in Hollywood’s Museum! Oi Oi! Alisdair McLellan photographed me for this cover, who amongst so many other things also shot the 25 album cover 😍

I moved to Los Angeles because she 'could never' afford the same 'kind of house' in London - Adele
Why I left London for Los Angeles – Adele

Thank you to Alasdair, Tonne, Frankie, Akki, Kimmie, Sergio, and lovely Abby.”

Anna – I remember the first time we met when I was 20 and you dressed me for my first ever Grammys with Barbara Tfank. Thank you to you and thank you to Edward for letting me be a part of this Vogue moment all these years later”

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Earlier she posted, “Imagine four larger than life Brits tasmanian deviling around Milk Studios in Manhattan all under the watchful eagle eye of the myth, the legend, the most iconic and hilarious Steven Meisel! We caused havoc 😂


Thank you Edward, Steven, Pat, Guido, and Giles. To glam, wardrobe, the crew, and everyone at British Vogue… In the words of Pat herself – “MAJJJJJOOORRR BAAAAABBBEZZZZ”. She added.

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