I Still Believe (A Love Letter Poem) – Okoroji Chidiebere Alexander

I Still Believe (A Love Letter Poem) - Okoroji Chidiebere Alexander

I still believe that love is a beautiful thing;
Since I met you,
You’ve really changed my thoughts,
And radiates my mind,
You’ve put a strong smile on my face,
And made me want to wake up,
Hoping to hear you speak,
Or wait for your chats,
Your texts and all you funfairs.


I still believe,
That you’re my world,
My heartbeats,
And my joy.
You love me endlessly,
With little or nothing that I have,
You long to hear from me,
And you feel restless when you don’t.


I still believe,
You might leave me,
I get scared of the things I don’t know,
Or the things I can’t control.
The future is bare,
And my joy is pale,
As I struggle to hold on to love,
Hold on to you,
Knowing you mean that much to me.


We tell different kind of stories,
But I have chosen you to tell;
The world my story,
How I revolved,
How I managed to conquer pain,
How I have lived,
With little or nothing,
What I did,
Just say it as it is,
So the world will know how hard I tried.


baby, you’re the most beautiful gift ever given,
And my evergreen,
She is light and,
Definitely, she shines.


She has a sense of humor,
And inspires the very best of me,
With loads of side rumor.
She is my world as I think of her daily,
As I can’t stop loving all her imperfections,
Her ambition, and her sense of attraction,
And her love for interaction.
In short form, she is fun to be with,
And she is the woman I’m with.


I love you,
Let the world shake on it,
Break and die on it…
I need you more than you need me,
I’m a complicated spirit being,
And you complete me with a beam.


I’m not ashamed of your shortcomings and weaknesses,
In fact, we all have our sicknesses,
And it’s none of any one business,
That we have found love in the wildest imagination,
Is nobody’s business,
My bound and bond with you is my greatest happiness,
That I will ever leave you;
Is unforgivable.


I still believe that we can be anything,
I fear and believe;
And I get confused,
But still relaxed as I comfort myself with:
“Life is short;
Just live it.”
I love you… words can’t define”
I miss you… my heart’s looms”
I wish I can hold and kiss you, but this virus couldn’t”
I wish things have taking it’s course as i long to be in your arms”.


Find me when you’re alone,
I will be at the side of my phone,
Find me when you’re lost,
I will comfort you with my thick voice,
Find me,
Cos I will be hoping and waiting on your love,
So gentle and pure.
The most honest and beautiful feelings I have ever felt,
As you keep loving me unconditionally.
As I love you, in an unpredictable manner.

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