“If your children are not yours, thank your wife” – Victor Ibeh

"If your children are not yours, thank your wife" - Victor Ibeh

An Abuja-based lawyer and counselor, Victor Ibeh took to social media advising married men to thank their wives if they eventually discover their “children” are not theirs.


According to Victor Ibeh, the men should thank their wife as they did this to “cover their shame”.


If Ibeh is promoting adultery in another way is not clear but he believes it better the man accepts his fate rather than blame her.


The counselor picks his argument from the angle of infertility.


If you do DNA test on your children and they are not yours, the problem is not from your wife. It means you are infertile and your wife tried to cover up your shame. You should thank her and silently live with those children in peace.

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