“Ifyfine Onwudiwe is a shameless political Jezebel and a disgrace to motherhood.”

"Ifyfine Onwudiwe is a shameless political Jezebel and a disgrace to motherhood."

Ifyfine Onwudiwe is a shameless political Jezebel and a disgrace to motherhood.


The honest truth is that ifyfine Onwudiwe’s unguarded utterances against Anambra Ist family has proved beyond every reasonable doubt that she is a shameless political Jezebel and a disgrace to motherhood.


She can also be described as a toothless mad dog that talks flippantly without making sense.


One obvious fact is that ifyfine Onwudiwe is a confirmed rotten character and a political prostitute.


As a political prostitute that is prostituting from one political party to the other, she is desperately scheming to use her political prostitution prowess and toothless mad dog attitude to win over PDP leaders.


Her latest target is our self acclaimed Saint Peter Obi.


But the truth is that she must be calling Peter Obi a fool with her attempt to win him over.


This is a woman that cajoled Peter Obi in 2017 and now pretending to be a lover of that same man she cajoled.


You will agree with me that ifyfine Onwudiwe is a political Jezebel and Delilah put together.


Her carriage also portrayed her as a disgrace to motherhood because no responsible mother will behave like her.


As long as Aguleri and Anambra east politics is concerned, ifyfine Onwudiwe is a political ant that cannot untie the rope on Governor Obiano’s political shoe.


Jumping from accidental Senator ifeanyi Ubah that she foolishly predicted will win APGA in Anambra South in the 2021 governorship election to be romancing our self acclaimed Saint Peter Obi politically will not yield any fruitful results for her against APGA.


Good a thing that those she is desperate to align with politically are familiar enemies to APGA and it will even be better for them to put their political hope in her.


My reason for saying the above is because I know very well that any hope they put on her is a dashed hope.


Another thing I will say is that Ifyfine Onwudiwe has lost her sense of reasoning and that is why she is behaving abnormally.


Ndi Anambra are happy with Governor Obiano and rotten characters like ifyfine Onwudiwe cannot use politically motivated blackmail to paint him black before ndi Anambra.


What matters to ndi Anambra is that Governor Obiano is a man they can delivering on his campaign promises and the main reason why they are supporting him is because he is a man whose words are his bond.


Ifyfine Onwudiwe as a shameless political prostitute lacks the required moral grounds to castigate Obiano and his beautiful wife.


Her idiotic ranting on social media against Governor Obiano is pouring water on a stone and as we all know, any water poured on a stone is bathing that stone.


She is a rotten character that is targeting the likes of accidental Senator ifeanyi Ubah and our self acclaimed Saint Peter Obi for evil collabo ahead of the 2021 governorship election but their evil collabo will fall like a pack of card.


If her noise on social media against Governor Obiano is aimed at stopping Governor Obiano from giving ndi Anambra a worthy successor, I will confidently say that she is wasting her time because ndi Anambra in the actual sense are looking up to Governor Obiano to give them a successor that will continue his good works from where he stopped.


I will conclude this piece by saying that the voice of ifyfine Onwudiwe is the voice of a cheap political prostitute that cannot be taken serious by sane minds and another thing is that she is now sounding like a broken record.



Daalu nu.



Evang Chinedu Obigwe (Akaekpuchionwa and Chinyelugo 1 of Ogbaru)

National co-ordinator of APGA media Warriors Forum.

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