Ịgba Bọyị Scheme: Obiora Okonkwo To Establish Center For Apprenticeship with Unizik

Ịgba Bọyị Scheme: Obiora Okonkwo To Establish Center For Apprenticeship with Unizik

Professor Obiora Okonkwo has called for the establishment of  Ministry Of Apprenticeship by the Anambra State Government.


Professor Obiora Okonkwo, OFR, made the call when he received a delegation from Unizik Business School led by Professor Au Nonyelu at his Ogidi home to present him with copies of the book “Ịgba Bọyị,” published by the Unizik Business School team of researchers, and to thank him for his support and idea that lent conception to the project that has now brought the Igbo Apprenticeship Scheme to the global attention and appreciation.

Professor Okonkwo, who is passionate about youth education and development as well as the Igbo Renaissance, had requested that the Unizik Business School conduct research on the “Ịgba Bọyị” scheme as part of its program, using Onitsha Main Market as study.


Speaking at the visit and delivery of the book copies to Professor Okonkwo by the group led by Professor Au Nonyelu, he stated that Professor Obiora Okonkwo, OFR, was the driving force behind the research that has gained international acclaim.

Professor Okonkwo who was a guest speaker at the Unizik Business School Dinner at their 3rd conference, where he instituted the study for Onitsha Main Market to be the entrepreneurial hub of Igbo business and called for research to be carried out on Onitsha market on the “Ịgba Bọyị” scheme, which made the Igbos the envy of all in business. This, according to Professor Nonyelu in his remark.

Professor Nonyelu stated that the numerous findings discovered during the course of the research and the new vocabularies created, have been published in the book titled “Ịgba Bọyị” which would not have been possible without the all-around collaboration from Professor Obiora Okonkwo, OFR, including dedicating his time, intellect, and financial support in the last 18 months. The director of the Emeka Anyaoku Institute for International Studies and Diplomacy, a professor of sociology and former director of the Unizik Business School, requested that more people follow Professor Okonkwo’s lead in revitalizing the Igbo trademark, which has produced numerous prosperous Igbo billionaires.


Professor Okonkwo, businessman, politician, and academia, expressed delight over the team’s success and achievement and assured of more support in ensuring that the Igbo Apprenticeship becomes a Centre at the prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe University and Onitsha Main Market becomes a place for PhD studies after receiving the copies presented to him by the team of professors from the Unizik Business School.

He also called for the Anambra State Government to establish an Apprenticeship ministry, as well as adoption by other Southeast Governors, to help rekindle the scheme, which will create opportunities for millions of ideal youths and help prepare the next generation successful business developers.

“The Igbo entrepreneurial incubation scheme, (IEIS), which is explained by the two concepts: apprentice-nuership and Nkwado ọgaranya, represents the Igbo spirit of hard work, resilience, and adventure.”


The collapse of the country’s economy has made it fiscally unviable for masters (ndị ọga) to settle their apprentice, or Ụmụ Bọyị, after years of loyalty, which has impacted the Igbo apprenticeship and given the impression that young Igbos are no longer interested in the system; also, the get rich-quick syndrome amongst our young people occasioned by fall of our value system has also harmed the scheme.

“With the establishment of the Ministry of Apprenticeship by the Anambra State Government, funds will be set aside in the ministry to assist young people who are passionate about business but lack start-up capital to establish after years of Ịgba Bọyị and, or where not settled by their masters.”


Okonkwo noted that the ministry will be responsible for encouraging Ụmụ Bọyị and, through the same measures, fight unemployment and social vices, which have become the bane of our society, among other benefits.

Professor Obiora Okonkwo, OFR, reiterated his commitment to resuscitating the entrepreneurial dexterity and ingenuity embedded in the cultural ethos of the Igbos, which has produced many successful Igbo entrepreneurs through practical measures and government interventions towards Apprenticeship while thanking the team of Professors from Unizik Business School whom he said has done so much for ndị Igbo with the timely research and publication of the book.

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