Illness: Is it good to eat bread every day?

Edel Grace, Founder/Director at Healing Magnetism with Hands says, ”I find that an interesting theme as where ever I look for diet tips I read that bread is not healthy. In the Lord’s Prayer it says : Give us our daily bread…..I grew up in a German household and we always ate rye sourdough bread for breakfast and for dinner. Breakfast we had marmalade or honey on top of it, and dinner ham or similar with some salads. Midday was the time we ate the warm main meal, usually some meat or fish, veggies and salad. In our lunch box we also had bread with cheese. Afternoon snack was bread as well with some topping.


My grandma was exceptional healthy until the year she died. She was then 96 years of age. All of her teeth were strong and fully intact at age 96.


So how did she stay so healthy with eating so much bread?

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Here was her routine.

She got up every morning at 7 AM and she had a cup of coffee and 1.5 pieces of dark sourdough bread with home made jam or marmalade. Then she walked to morning church service. It took her 15 minutes walk there and back.


When she returned she changed clothes and walked 20 minutes to our very large fruit and vegetable garden, where she worked until 11.30. Then she walked back home and cooked a good warm lunch, each day. Vegetables, a piece of meat or fish and salad and she drank a glass of white wine every day for lunch.

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She then had a short after lunch nap. She got up and had a cup of coffee and one piece of bread with jam and butter.


Then she walked to our huge fruit and vegetable garden again to continue with work until 4 PM. She walked home and helped my mother with the laundry.

At 6 PM she would have dinner with sourdough bread again and salami, mustard, cucumber and radish. Then she would watch the news on TV and made herself then a herbal tea.

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Illness: Is it good to eat bread every day?
Illness: Is it good to eat bread every day?

Sometimes she would come then to visit us (we lived in the same house) for a chat. Then she returned into her apartment (first storey of our house), watched a nice movie on TV and then she would sit in her little lounge to knit for poor children in Africa. After that she usually prayed and went to bed.


So on one day she would eat at least 5 pieces of bread. She needed her sugar rush in the morning with her jam, otherwise she did not eat a lot of sugary things.


I suppose it is not the bread as such that is making people ill, but the lack of movement, too much sugar perhaps. My grandmother was very active, moved a lot and bread was a major part of her diet. My grandma was a nice and helpful woman, and very diligent and active. I loved her very much.

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