I’m in love with a married mom

I’m in love with a married mother of two, though I’ve never really gotten married. I’ve had a live-in relationship that produced a son I admire. Don’t tell me to stop seeing this woman!


I love her too much. We meet regularly and, no, we don’t rip each other’s clothes off. Very often we just sit, hold hands and talk. I don’t think I could live without her in my life.


Apart from being a superb lover, she comes round to my flat and cooks me delicious meals that I put in the freezer for when she’s not around. It all started as a bit of fun. Now if we don’t see each other, for some reason, I know she’ll phone that night. The attraction can’t be just sex, as we don’t do it that often. I asked her once if she would have married me if she was single…and she said yes.

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I’m in love with a married mom
I’m in love with a married mom

Now I’m nursing the idea of snatching her from her husband, as I’ve never felt this way about any woman, even the mother of my son.

– Obi, by e-mail.


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Dear Obi,

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You obviously craved new relationship after the one you had with the mother of your son. That is why you are investing all your hope on a mate who will make you feel wanted again in this adulteress. Yet she is a married mother and, no matter how much you both love each other, the fact remains that you’re her bit on the side to who she gives tenderness in return for sex.


Pressurize her to leave her husband and you might be sounding the death knell to your relationship.


A married woman can never provide you emotional security. Walk away from this adulteress without looking back before she completely strips you of your self-respect.

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