India Makes USB-C Charging Port Mandatory for Mobile Devices

The Indian government has now established legislation mandating the use of USB-C chargers for all mobile devices, following the example set by the EU. By March 2025, all electronic items manufactured in the nation must use USB Type-C as the standard charging connector.


The announcement was issued on Tuesday by the government-run Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), following discussions with industry stakeholders concerning standards, limitations of the global supply chain, and product accessibility.

India Makes USB-C Charging Port Mandatory for Mobile Devices
India Makes USB-C Charging Port Mandatory for Mobile Devices   

According to Rohit Kumar Singh, secretary of the Indian ministry of consumer affairs, “BIS has notified specifications for type C chargers and the government will come up with two common types of charging ports for mobile phones and wearable electronic gadgets.”


“There is a broad consensus among the industry and government that the use of USB type C charging ports can be made mandatory after six months of the European Union’s rolling out of standards for USB charging ports in 2024 as electronic manufacturers have a global integrated supply chain,” Singh added.


By March 2025, not six but three months beyond the EU deadline, all smartphone makers and technology firms in the nation must adopt USB Type-C as the default charging port for electronic devices. However, certain devices that don’t actually need a USB-type C will be exempt from the need.


According to the Consumer Affairs ministry, the goal of the new rule is to limit the number of charges each home uses, so reducing the quantity of electronic waste produced. Additionally, it is said that this is a move in the direction of Prime Minister Modi’s LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) project, which seeks to inspire people worldwide to engage in “mindful and purposeful usage” as opposed to “mindful and wasteful consumption.”

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