Interesting facts you don’t know about child celebrity Jaeda Lily Miller 

Interesting facts you don't know about child celebrity Jaeda Lily Miller 

Jaeda Lily Miller is the the fresh faced child starbest known for her roles in Ready Jet Go!Angels In The Snow, and Love Under The Stars. Despite the fact that she’s only 14-years-old, she has been acting since she was a child and has already amassed a huge fortune and an impressive resume.


According to Star Studds, she has done everything from television, to movies and has even been a voice over star The sky is the limit for this Canadian-born actress, and there’s no denying that the world has yet to see her full potential. With no end in sight, this young starlet is well on her way to truly making a name for herself  Hollywood’s finest actors. Here are 10 fun facts about this talented young lady who continues to amaze her fans.


10. She Rocks On The Drums

Fans have seen Jaeda Lily Miller on the big screen and the small screen, and soon, they may just be able to see her on the stage, too! This talented young actress stumbled across the drums when a broken finger prevented her from playing her ukulele. As she picked up the drums, she quickly realized how much she loved it and began to play more often.

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It turns out she has a natural skill, and now has electric drums in her room. Look-out, fans… she may really turn this passion into something big one day!.


9. She Initiated Her Own Acting Career

With two talented parents that are immersed in the industry of voice-overs, many assumed that Jaeda was encouraged into her career by her parents. In fact, Media From The Stars reveals that it was Jaeda herself that pushed for own career  When she was just five-years-old, she turned to her parents to say that she wants to do “what they do, but with her whole body,” indicating with her limited vocabulary that she passionately wanted to try her hand at acting.


She officially landed her first job at just six-years-old when she was cast in the Untold Stories of the E.R.

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8There’s A Secret Reason She Loves Voice Acting

Jaeda Lily Miller has expressed her love for all types of acting during various interviews she has been a part of. She admits that she enjoys voice acting for a very secret and incredibly adorable reason, though. She has indicated that it’s great to be able to be behind the scenes with voice over work since “if you mess up, its ok. You can do it again.”

For Jaeda, acting is her preference, but voice acting has its perks too, and it comes in as a close second.



7. She Started At Age 6 And Has An Impressive Resume

Most people are playing with toys and riding bikes when they’re six-years-old, but not Jaeda – she’s been working since that age. She landed her first job when she was only six, and she has really thrown herself into her career since then, without much pause at all. She has already built an incredible resume for herself, inclusive of work alongside Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger in Midnight Sun.

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Her experience level is sharply above that of most actors her age, and she has already received accolades and has refined her skills on the big screen, as well as the small screen, showing her ability to appeal to a diverse range of audiences.


6. Her Father Is Hugely Supportive Of Her Career

Both of her parents are very supportive of Jaeda’s endeavors and are incredibly proud of their little girl. She is lucky enough to have a very special relationship with her father, and he has doubled as her acting coach on many occasions.

Her dad helps her to stay focused and ensures that she has a sounding board for advice and to run lines. He also lends his experience as a voice actor and has stepped in to be her voice coach. Jaeda receives acting advice from her father, and he rehearses with her to assist her in landing her auditions.

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5. The Christmas Secret’ Is Close To Her Heart

After having taken part in so many huge on-screen appearances, it’s a wonder that Jaeda even remembers them all, yet she does! She has definitely experienced a few roles that stand out among the rest, and to her, The Christmas Secret holds a very special place in her heart.

This movie allowed her the unique ability to appear alongside Chelsea, her sister. The two siblings had a wonderful time working together on this project, and it carries a lot of nostalgic memories for them both.



4. Her Very First Role Involved A Tough Scene

Jaeda’s first role happened to be one that truly tested her capabilities, and of course, she  came out on top. She was really handed a challenge when she took on her character role in Untold Stories of the E.R.  She appeared as a guest star, and as part of her acting responsibilities, she had to pretend she was having a seizure.

Given her age and the fact that this was a fresh start for her, it was astounding that she was able to embrace this moment and act it out in the impressive manner that she did. Even more astounding is the fact that she had never taken any acting lessons. This was the beginning of many more roles.


3. She Shocked Producers With Her Skills

When Jaeda Lily Miller auditioned for Angels In The Snow, she was asked to memorize all the presidents of the United States. She did it on camera at home and sent the tape in to the audition, and during the callback she was asked to recite the names of all the presidents once more. The director, George Erschbamer, was stunned that she actually recalled all of this information. The role was meant for an older person since they never thought a young child could pull it off. She impressed them so much that she landed the part.


2. She Delicately Balances Her Education With Her Career

Of course, Jaeda is still in school and has had to maintain a balance between her career and her education along the way. She attended public school from kindergarten to grade two, and then she was homeschooled while she shot her first movie.

During the time she is absent from her home town, she has a tutor on the road who assists her in keeping up with her studies. She remains dedicated to her education while growing her acting career.



1. She’s A Highly Skilled Dancer

There’s not a whole lot of spare time in Jaeda’s schedule, so it’s shocking that she is able to maintain her passion for dance. In fact, Jaeda is a competitive dancer who has truly mastered her skill and achieved great heights in this art. She practices with her dance troupe four days a week and is enrolled in a variety of different dance genres, including jazz, ballet, tap, and contemporary dance.

This has enabled her to maintain a sense of normalcy and a circle of friends she has had throughout her childhood.


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