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Interesting Truth Everyone want to ignore about Life

Interesting Truth Everyone want to ignore about Life

Interesting Truth Everyone want to ignore about Life

Life often happen, there are lot of characteristics of life that if evaluated correctly will give us hints to the best life each and everyone of us want to live.


The need for a good and successful lifestyle is often possible a lot of time, but the method and style to which we handle life and those characteristics is what determine weather we get the best or the worst of it.


– Distractions

This could be social media, toxic relationships, the media, radio, tv, etc. All are trying to manipulate, control or change your opinion to meet their agenda  at any cost.


– Smile

A simple smile to a complete stranger can change their day and yours. Smiling makes you more pretty and also keep you more welcoming to people.


– True Love

It can definitely be found, but not in the places most people seek. And when you think you find it, the lessons start. There are people who are truly in love and are having a good lovely, though true is not easy but there are people who are truly in love.


– Health

Most won’t see the importance, especially if you’re under 30. If you don’t have health, much won’t matter. Take care of it. Eating well , performing some daily or weekly routine will keep you away from most diseases people battle with, simple routine like seat up, press up , small run and jogging can keep you away from certain chronic heart diseases.


– Self Awareness

Those that openly portray it on social media, are the ones that don’t have it. Very few find it, because it can be very painful mirror. A lot of people in our generation have low self esteem, so they therefore try to see everyone through that view. Social media has given almost anyone the chance to have a say in things that they often should not have a say about.


– Choices

Life can definitely throw curve balls. The majority of life struggles come from the choices we make. And the older you get, the more aware it becomes if you pay attention. The choices you make defines what you are likely to get out of life, the people you surround yourself with, the success you achieve and the failures you will go through.

Interesting truth everyone want to ignore about life
Interesting truth everyone want to ignore about life

– Childhood Trauma

The majority of people in the world suffered some form of childhood trauma. The high divorce rate, crime, and toxic relationships are a direct reflection that not many want to face. Everyone in the world have certain childhood trauma they are running away from, either rich or poor .


– Blame

It easier to blame others than accept fault. A lot of people finds it easier to push blame on people, this is more reason we have people with repeatable habits that does not promote peace in the society.



– Narcissism

The world is being run by them. Yet we vote and support the lesser of two evils.


– Change

Anyone can change with the proper support and self awareness. Will many take the steps and pain, that goes with change? Probably not. Work on being the change.




Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. She is a humorous and controversial writer, who believes all form of writing is audible if it's done well. Temi Badmus is research oriented, dog lover; she is currently a mum to two brutal Jack Russell terrier " Cash and Indigo" . 🐕 🐕 The future is female... The future is Productive.