International observers review Supreme judgement over Imo

International observers review Supreme judgement over Imo

IHEDIOHA CASE: International Observers to Watch Supreme Court Reviews Live in Abuja.


International Electoral Observers from the United States, European Union and other nations have boosted the morale of most International Civil Rights Groups in the diaspora and Nigeria seeking their intervention by firmly resolving to show physical presence and readiness to followup and monitor all the preceedings of the review panel over the 14 January, 2020 judgement delivered in error against the elected Governor of Imo State, Rt. Hon Ihedioha.


It is obvious that the efforts and battle by Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha and People Democratic party, PDP will not be in vain with the recent approaching of the Apex court for review of it’s earlier ruling despite the errors. The Supreme court will be reversing this obvious error, to put an end to such evil and obnoxious judgement against the expectation of these global electoral observers who are ensuring that justice is done and our nascent democracy protected.


We are keenly watching how the event will turn out. Most importantly the unmasking of the atrocities of our dubious Justices of the Supreme court who have brought our judiciary to ridicules and as a laughing stock. Their judgement have started in earnest and we are watching and taking recordings.


Who said God is not at work for Ihedioha to defeat the enemies of Imo State?

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