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IPOB: I am on my own, I am speaking for no one

IPOB: I am on my own, I am speaking for no one

IPOB: I am on my own, I am speaking for no one

I am on my own, I am speaking for no one, but I will put out these lines for posterity sake.

There are those that supported IPOB prior to 2019 thinking that IPOB will metamorphose into a political party and grow their political base.
These people wanted to cash in. They thought us so stupid that they will use us to become new oppressors.

IPOB: I am on my own, I am speaking for no one
IPOB: I am on my own, I am speaking for no one

Within time, they saw that IPOB wasn’t bulging. They saw that instead of becoming a political party, IPOB rather called for election Boycott, starting with Anambra election. These guys that have been rooting for IPOB declared war against IPOB. Lots of write ups started sprouting up. Accusations upon accusations. IPOB got no strategy. If you are not ready to go political, then get weapons, some of them said. Same people that said get a weapon are today against #ESN. This group started mocking those that believed in IPOB message of freedom. The only offence IPOB committed was disappointing them by refusing to become a political party. The dirty water that has destroyed every good soul that swam through it.

With the coming of #ESN, lots of people are coming out to support IPOB. Some of these people might be sincere, but definitely not all. Some might be trying to cash in like the men of 2019 that turned enemy.

‘Is it not politically viable for me to support IPOB now that it looks like IPOB is making a headway? What if the internal politics of 2023 in the East requires men and women that believes in Biafra? Is it not to my advantage that I support IPOB at this critical point? They now have #ESN, a formidable security that has endeared people to them. Aligning with them is capable of making me a Governor or House member tomorrow.’

The above is the mentality of some that is supporting IPOB today.

Like I said, I am on my own. I speak for no one. I don’t know IPOB projection for tomorrow, but I know too well that every body that is supporting IPOB selfishly will crash out. Some of them supporting you today will become your greatest critique tomorrow.

Enjoy it, but remember the words of the Master that “Only 100 men is needed to restore Biafra”.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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