Is Fast Food Good For Your Health?

“Fast food” is a loose term that can include anything that can be cooked quickly. In common use, it has come to mean burgers, pizza, and street food.


Consuming “fast food” once in a while is not bad for health. However, eating only fast food or having it every day can be harmful to your health. A healthy body requires a balanced diet. This diet should include adequate quantities of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. A diet that includes “fast food” for the majority of your meals will not contain the required nutrients.


“Fast food” including sweetened drinks like colas are also known to be a cause of obesity. Obesity causes its own set of problems including hypertension, diabetes, other heart conditions etc.



So, while eating “fast food” once in a while or for a change is not bad for health, making it a major part of your diet can give rise to nutritional deficiencies.



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One thought on “Is Fast Food Good For Your Health?

  1. This is very correct and educative, I remember I once read an article from Dr. Mercola that says if you really want to eat good food… They should be food cooked under Your Own roof. 👌

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