Is Governor Ayade Serious About Fighting Cultism?

Is Governor Ayade Serious About Fighting Cultism?

Is Governor Ayade Serious About Fighting Cultism?


Sorry, I don’t want to beat around the bush.


The government of Cross River state recently declared some alleged cultists, robbers, kidnappers and murderers terrorising Calabar wanted.

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The government also went further to begin the demolition of the enclaves of these wanted criminals including that of one very notorious cultist in Calabar South, named Cyril Bassey, aka CY, who was a councilorship candidate for PDP, the governor’s party, in Calabar South LGA. He is circled in the attached picture.

A wanted cult leader as a candidate in the party of a governor who wants to fight cultism.


After declaring him and his other rival gang leaders/killers wanted, some others have been arrested and charged and are imprisoned, awaiting trial.

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Now, Cyril Bassey has been arrested. And I hear he is what they call “Klansman” and his sponsors in government are all over the police lobbying for his release. Other rival gang leaders who have been taken in and their followers are watching to see how the case of CY is handled.

Since his arrest, a Commissioner in Calabar South and a very very senior government official in the governor’s office have been pressuring the police to free him because he is their gang member. So I gathered reliably.


Our findings reveal that, the duo have been sending emissaries with cash ranging be tween N1.5m to 2m to the police at the anti-cultism unit of the Police in Calabar where Cyril Bassey is kept to compromise the police to release him.

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CY won his recent election as councilor while on the run from law enforcement agents. However he did that is still a mystery; and now they want to add political power to a murderous criminal and they want us to believe they are fighting the malaise.

I have said it severally that governor Ayade is patronizing cultism and gangsterism. If he is not, so many of his officials would have been dealt with for sponsoring fatal clashes in the state.


If this alleged murderer and kidnapper is released from the police and given political power, what is the implication for gang violence in Calabar South, vis-a-vis the inter play between the gangs whose leaders are already in jail?

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Let us all raise our voices and say no to having criminals in the reins of power in our State.

Thank you and God bless Cross River.


Yours sincerely,
Citizen Agba Jalingo.

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