Is This Why APGA Is Now Attacking Everyone?

On Saturday 5th October 2019, all political appointees were invited to address us on who will be the next governor. This happened in Aguleri after the Walk for Life Monthly exercise program.


Labaran Amaku officially announced Soludo as the preferred party candidate for the next governorship election in the State. This was welcomed amidst dissenting voices!


He, Labaran was of the opinion that all APGA faithfuls must continue to launder the image of the Governor and his wife in all circumstances.

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All the Appointees were mandated to attack PDP and APC members. They said that PDP people have been on the frontline attack against the APGA led State Govt and therefore, APGA members have to fight back.


We were told that Anambra will not accept APC due to the failure of the Federal Government and that Buhari appointing Soludo in his economic team will help APGA get the support of Federal government.


The only challenge is to continue to attack PDP and other parties, put confusion in them, divide and rule, carry out campaign of calumny on the person of Peter Obi and all PDP Leaders and any prospective flag bearer, match them on all social media platforms.


They agreed to advise Soludo to be careful in promoting APC and her policies in order not to incur the wrath of Anambra people. These strategies and its implementation commences immediately!

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